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1) "AC Chat Basics"

2) "How To Change Theme/Skin"

3) "How to modify sounds"

4) "How to add effects"

5) "How to modify text."

6) How do I change rooms in AC Chat?

7) How do I create my own room in AC Chat?

"AC Chat Basics"
On the first example you will see several options, the drop down the says here is what you can use to show everyone your stats. For example you can choose BRB, Away, Busy, Here and so on. You will also see that you can Change the font color by clicking on the box that shows your current font color. You will also be able to Save the chat by clicking the save button. You will also notice there are some smiley faces provided, which can be used whenever you want to show an emotion such as happy or sad. You can also make your font Bold or Italic.

For the second example, this shows you the actions you can do with the specific member. When you left click on a name you will see that list appear. From there you will be able to send the member a private message or invite them into another room. You can also send them a file, ignore them (If you should wish to not receive anymore of their messages) and you can choose to view their profile.

For the third example, you will see a list of rooms my click on the drop down on top of the page. There will be Several rooms you can go to if you do not want to stay in the current room your in. Also you can click the Add which is tot he right of the drop down, that will create a new temporary room with the name of you choose.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

"How To Change Theme/Skin"
To change your theme all you will need to do is go to Options > Then Click Theme. There you will Be Able to change your theme or skin.

Step 1:

Step 2:
"How to modify sounds"
In the example below you will see lots of options to the sounds you hear on the chat. You can lower the volume or simply mute all sound. You can also un check or check the sounds that you want to hear. If you click on the speaker picture to the right side you will be able to hear the sound of that specific option.

"How to add effects"
Adding and modifying effects on your chat is a good way to be more unique. You can add an avatar right next to your name, the avatar of the room list can be different then the one used in the chat messages. To the right of Main Chat and Room List you will see a drop down with a list of available avatars/smiles, from there you can choose the one you want. The Photo area will show a picture of your choosing to members who send you a private message. You can also add a custom background to the AC Chat, there is also an option to choose the transparency of your background.  



"How to modify text."
In the text tab you will be able to change the text of the Main chat, Interface Elements or Title. You will be able to choose the font size, face/family and language of the text. You also have an option to use your default color for all the messages you receive (This will make all member colors appear to be the same as yours).


How do I change rooms in AC Chat?

After entering AC Chat, look at the top of the page to the area where it says "Room". Click on the drop down field and select the room you which to go to.

After doing this, you should be automatically transfered to your chosen room.

How do I create my own room in AC Chat?

Look to the top of the page to the area entitled "Room". Next click on the option "Add" and this will bring up a new window.

In the new window, enter the room name in the "Enter room name" field.

Next, select either to create a private room or public room by selcting either "Public" or "Private".

If you have selcted the option to create a private room, you now have to enter a desired password into the field provided and click the"Create" button. If you have chosen to create a public room, leave this field blank and click the "Create" button.

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