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Kouta, a country boy who lives with his grandfather, is now moving to the city to attend high school. Changes come with his new home and new school, but nothing could have prepared the gentle young man for girls, specifically a bombshell fox spirit named Chizuru.

As if her aggressive advances weren't enough, he also catches the attention of a frosty wolf spirit named Nozomu. Kouta is dragged into supernatural events as a result of his contact with the two girls, and his school life only gets more chaotic by the day. But with a girl who gives foxy new meaning and another howling after him, things are looking up for his love life.
Complete   12 out of 12   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
adventure, comedy, erotica, romance, supernatural   Blood, Violence, Adult Situations, Non-Graphical Nudity and Blurred Out Nudity

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eeh By: IdatenJumpLover48 On: Oct 05 2015
Basically your watching a girl obsessively trying to seduce a guy....that's it.rnI was bored after two episodes so I just skipped to the end and nothing exciting happened. That was my experience.


By: Aricha35 On: Jun 12 2014
... Nah, not my speed.


O.O; By: stormchild On: Mar 16 2013
I'm not sure if I feel sorry for Kouta, or envy him. By the way, there is a manga of this and its suprisingly deep.



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