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In a near-perfect society, humans enjoy virtually anything their heart desires by simply staying connected to Fractale - a centuries-old technology on the verge of collapse.

One day, Clain, a teenage boy who collects antique electronics, saves a girl on the run from dangerous pursuers. She disappears in the night, leaving only a pendant full of data behind. Suddenly Clain's quiet life turns to chaos when he's caught between the religious order determined to save Fractale, and the Lost Millennium - who want to destroy it.
Complete   11 out of 11   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HD | HQ | SD
adventure, science fiction   Mild Language, violence, blood, Non-graphical Nudity

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awsome By: sarah11191999 On: May 18 2014
every thing about it was great, it even made me cry at the end. I hope in the future they make more great animes like this and I recommend this to anyone that loves a good anime. :)


Great Story! By: Aricha35 On: Apr 01 2014
It is always the short series that have the best stories! Although I felt myself not wanting it to end, I knew that the ending was more than adequate.


By: we123 On: Nov 25 2012
i liked this show alot short show but very good worth the watch



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