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andread is a futuristic sci-fi series, which focus's on a time where men and women have formed separate tribes named Taraaku and Mejeiru. With their best fighters aboard their vessels called the batangas, the Taraakus are on their way to attack, intent on overcoming and annihilating the women

But the Mejeirus have other things on their mind, the least of which is failure -- for they know that their future lies in their own capable hands. Hibiki is captured by a band of female pirates. He's thrown into contact with Dita, a girl it would be charitable to describe as ditsy--during a battle. The women are forced to enlist the aid of Hibiki and two other male prisoners when they're attacked by unknown aliens. As they travel on, the group find themselves stranded with a super ship they dub the Nirvana and set out for the female home planet. Along the way, they discover the existence of the "The Harvest" and the possible destruction of both men and women..
Complete   26 out of 26   English Dubbed   HQ | SD
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction   Non-graphical Nudity, Bad Language, and Some Sexual References

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By: prezence On: Nov 12 2011
Excellent! Great blend of mech action, comedy and romance!


By: ChronicFofie On: Nov 15 2008
Kept on skimming past this anime whenever I looked over the list for some reason, watched it, loved it lol Loved the whole philosophical bits in it, and of course, couldn't stop laughing at all the good parts. Definitely a must watch for any other mech/sci-fi lovers out that!


By: featha12 On: Jun 14 2008
it wont let me watch any of the second stage episodes


By: jasmineRain On: Jan 30 2008
so good!


great! By: PuckTheFool On: Jan 24 2008
This was a anime i did not expect to like. i'm not much into big mech animes, but this one was tremandous! i loved ervey episode of it.


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