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Spice and Wolf: INFORMATION

Spice and Wolf
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Kraft Lawrence, a 25 year old peddler travelling from town to town selling and buying various things to make a living during a period much like Europe in the Middle Ages.

One night when stopped at the town of Pasroe, he finds in his wagon a 250 year old pagan wolf deity girl named Holo. She appears to be that of a 15 year old girl, except for a wolf tail and ears. She introduces herself as the town's goddess of harvest who has kept it blessed with good harvests of wheat for many years. Despite having the responsibility to watch over the town, she wants to go back to her homeland in the north called Yoitsu, she believes the people have already forsaken her anyway and that she has kept her promise to maintain the good harvests. She manages to bargain her way out of the village by making a deal with Lawrence to take her with him. As they travel, her wisdom helps increase his profits, but at the same time, her true nature draws unwanted attention from the church.
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural   Violence, Non-graphical Nudity

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By: alrapter On: Feb 06 2012
now this may be strange but based on how she is um... id actually not mind...um... dating Holo...doesn't mater if she is a wolf or not. if people see her ears/tail I'll just say shes cosplaying. like i said this is a tad strange so sorry. >_<


By: lexton5640 On: Jul 19 2011
One of the better animes . a real treat to fans of anime,cant wait for season 2 to hit . its said to be out on august 2, 2011


Favorite indeed. By: OsmarH On: Nov 07 2010
Hell i watched many animes and this one is one which stays in my heart for rest of my life.


By: grendalwolf On: Oct 06 2010
great anime personal favorite



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