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Space Dandy 2: INFORMATION

Space Dandy 2
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Dandyís back, baby. And he, Meow, and QT are still on a galactic quest for the rarest aliens in the universe in Season 2 of this madcap comic masterpiece! Forget pomp and circumstance, Dandyís all pompadour and bad romance. With the help of QT the defunct robot and Meow the lazy space cat, he and his team of misfits are bumbling through the cosmos one planet at a time.

Old habits die hard, baby, and Dandyís penchant for slacking off at the local Boobies takes precedence over the alien-catching game. But being strapped for cash wonít keep trouble away from the trio of Aloha Oe. Chimp-faced Dr. Get is still hot on his heels, and large-scale destruction of planets (and egos) is on the horizon. Hold on tight, baby. Itís gonna be a bumpy ride.
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HD | HQ | SD
adventure, comedy, science fiction   Mild Language, Violence, Blood, Non-Graphical Nudity

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