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Record Of Lodoss War: INFORMATION

Record Of Lodoss War
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Record Of Lodoss War is a series about Lodoss which has always been in turmoil, wars the norm and not the exception for thousands of years. Now, the tide of this bitter conflict is about to turn drastically for the worse, which is where an unlikely party of six join together under a common cause. There is Parn, the young fighter with an incredible destiny.

Deedlit, the beautiful elf with deadly skill and a crush on Parn; Etoh, Parn's old friend and a priest of Falis; Slayn, a powerful wizard; Ghim, a tough old dwarf with secrets; and Woodchuck, the cynical but otherwise good-natured thief. Set in a war between Emperor Beld of Marmo and King Fahn of Valis, once the closest of friends. Beld is ready to send armies of darkness to strike without mercy. Meanwhile, the wizard Wagnard, Beld's advisor, intends to revive the Goddess of Destruction, Kardis, by stealing an ancient scepter. All the while, the Grey Witch, Karla, makes her moves behind the scenes, manipulating everyone so that no one man has all the power. This is what these six must face ad they see sights, meet allies, and face enemies beyond imagination. It's Light vs. Darkness. The future of Lodoss is at stake, and the war has just begun...
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed   HQ | SD
Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance   Blood, Violence, Bad Language

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By: we123 On: Oct 09 2012
takes a few shows to get into but i am glad i stuck it out was good show loved the story.


By: VorpalBunny30 On: Jul 22 2011


My thoughts on RoLW By: trueLOTM On: Jun 16 2008
My second favourite anime series of all time, and I wouldn't have known about it had it not been for Animecrave. This series has been on the site since near the very beginning, long before it was pay. I immediately fell in love with this series, and it's sequel, CoHK. Sure, the animation is a bit shoddy at times - a huge usage of stills - but its so beautifully drawn, and the music is amazing, and the characters and landscape is perfect. Now, CoHK is even better in the character department, since they're all fleshed out so much better due to more time, but the artwork and music isn't up to par with this one - not to say that isn't a wonderful series too; I usually consider both of them for the slot of my second favourite anime series as just one title - Record of Lodoss War. This series brought me back to my childhood days of swords and sorcery, heroes and dragons, damsels in distress; the outfits reminded me oddly of a childhood favourite of mine (Flight of Dragons), though this series and that movie are similar only in those outfits and the dragons bit. But there's something really mythic about this series; it's standard DnD fare, but it goes beyond that, rising above in to the halls of Valhalla and Olympus: it's that good. Oh, and both the Seiyuu and the VAs are amazing too. Some of my favourite American VAs worked on this series; Billy Regan is my absolute favourite American voice actor, and I'm a fan of John Knox (Ashram) and Lisa Ortiz (Deedlit) as well. All in all, a very good series.


By: YoflamRettopReverof On: Feb 06 2008
I found this anime to be pretty good! I love the elf, she is so beautiful! :D



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