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Please Teacher
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Kusanagi Kei is a high school student in a near-future rural Japan. His backwater town is suddenly flooded with reports of strange lights, but only he knows the truth. Yes, there really was a UFO from outer space, and the alien who arrived in it happens to be his beautiful next-door neighbor and homeroom teacher, Kazami Mizuho.

The two of them get caught up in circumstances that make it appear as if they are having a romantic affair � and Kei must marry Mizuho to protect her secret. So now he must learn to balance being married with being a high school student, difficult enough, except for the fact that Kei has secrets of his own...
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed   HQ | SD
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction   Non-graphical Nudity, Bad Language, and Some Sexual References

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my first anime ever By: CyberAlex1986 On: Jul 24 2013
Onegai (please) teacher was the first anime I ever watched, I got it from a friend on a CD along with Hellsing - weird combination I know. This show got me into the anime world, I loved it so much, can you believe I've never seen anime before Please Teacher, not even Pokmon, Digimon or Yu-gi-oh or DBZ back when I was a little kid. I loved the art so much, the emotions, the soundtrack by Kotoko falling star, how the hell I still remember that @[email protected] This anime even made me cry. I mean it had everything you need to get a great show, rural Japanes settings, high school, cute school girls, stupid adults, a lot of emotions and humor and last but not least the forbidden love between a student and a teacher (who is also an alien), friggin great.


By: eco74 On: Sep 22 2012
this anime definitely deserved to be longer.


nice2 By: arianuie On: May 22 2012


By: Scotch On: Feb 10 2012
only problem with this anime is that it was too damn short :\ otherwise it was pretty good!


By: photophage On: Dec 15 2011
it was a good anime, its ashame it only had 13 episodes. it deserves a better ending cause the last three were confusing and realy wasnt the ending that it deserved.


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