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Noir is about a girl named aMireille Bouquet who is a professional assassin, and a very good one at that. But when she follows up an e-mail from a young Japanese girl named Yumura Kirika, inviting her to take "a pilgrimage to the past", her life becomes even more dangerous than it already is

Now, with a haunting melody invoking the memory of an event long past, Mireille and Kirika decide to work together to find the truth about a thousand year old organization that has controlled both of their lives since before they were born. And the only clue in their search, the only thing Kirika remembers about herself, becomes their working codename: a name designating an ancient fate, of two maidens who reign over death--Noir.
Complete   26 out of 26   English Dubbed   HQ | SD
Action, Drama, Mystery   Blood, Violence, Bad Language, Non-Graphical Nudity

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hmm By: moesanrath On: Nov 25 2009
I thought it was ok. There is a ton of repeat views of past episodes and I found it a bit long winded. But there are some pretty cool scenes so I'm glad I watched it.


By: YoflamRettopReverof On: Feb 06 2008
Episode 1 will always be my fav because of the fighting scene but this entire anime was amazing! I love the story line so much! :D


awesome By: broken_rainbow On: May 13 2007
I love the music and the drawings in this show. the music is great and the Paris landscapes are lovely. It's a good story and i like the characters :)


Preaty cool show By: luckystar74 On: May 13 2007
Keeps you on the edge of your seat most times. Wonderfull comination of the old rites and sneaking control and the inacense of love yet throughing in much action and thrilling chases and fighting. Going through the past and closing old wounds and making life changing desisions.


great show By: willcrave On: May 13 2007
I think this is a great show, I would tell everyone to watch it.


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