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Mermaid Forest: INFORMATION

Mermaid Forest
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Mermaid Forest is about an ancient Japanese legend says that if one were to partake of the flesh of the mermaid, one would be granted eternal life and youth. Yuta ate the mermaid's flesh 500 years ago and became immortal. Since then he has had to deal with living a lonely never-ending life, watching his loved ones grow old and die.

Wishing to have a normal life, to live and to die like others, he searches for a mermaid for centuries, thinking she may be able to tell him a way to become mortal again. When he arrives a village, he meets a girl named Mana, who also became immortal by eating a mermaid's flesh. Together, they start their journey in attempting to find a mermaid and regain their humanity.
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Drama, Horror   Non-graphical Nudity, Bad Language, Violence, and Blood

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By: VorpalBunny30 On: Apr 28 2009
This series does offer a change of pace. The ending is well suited to end a season and not the entire series. I wonder if this is all there is?.


By: Ruinous On: Jan 19 2009
This series is well done. I agree that the English voice overs mess it up a little bit, but most of the time that happens anyway. This series has potential. It's kind of like Highlander without swords and ancient vendettas. Also, they all seem to work on HQ well (and my computer's a piece, lemme tell ya..). So if you're bored and want to have a change of pace from most other anime, then watch this series, cause it certainly is different.


By: anthonyscott On: May 24 2008
Haruchi this is just saying that you have not paid the 5 dollars a month fee to get access to the anime episodes.. you need the live account i.e. 5 dollar a month acct to view the episode. which it really is worth it on this site. the episodes are working 99pct of the time and they are all goo quality and well done even in LQ mode. i have been to a few sites that will cut off in the middle of an episode and such. plus they have great customer service. i first came to this site when it was a donate site only and have loved it ever since.. i know alot of peeps do not know me very well but that is only cause i do not chat of forums much. but, trust me it is well worth 5 dollars a month for this site and it just is getting better everytime.


By: darkelfdruid On: Apr 24 2008
I agree, it stops at 13 on a cliff hanger. There is no way THAT can be the end of the series!!!!


?! By: Haruchi On: Jan 10 2008
okay, so I pick ep 1 then I pick english, and then when I pick low quality (I'm not with live) it says something like cannot access because you are not with live. and I'm all like, wat the heck maan! I picked low quality! Am I doing something wrong here?


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