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Kokoro Connect
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The five members of the Cultural Study group that meets in class 401 have spent a lot of time wondering what it would be like to be in someone else's shoes. But they're about to learn that there's a huge difference between thinking about it and literally BEING in someone else's shoes!

Because that's exactly what happens when, suddenly and inexplicably, they each find themselves inside the body of the girl (or boy) next door! What happens next? Well, besides bringing a whole new meaning to the term "Exchange Student" and the to be expected freaked out runs to the bathroom, it's not hard to do the math: Take one wrestling geek, the resident cool girl, the class clown, the popular chick and one sultry maid of mystery, scramble thoroughly and divide, and you can bet that pretty soon they'll be answering ALL of the questions they never wanted to know about the opposite sex in ways they never anticipated! Get ready for the wildest game of musical bodies ever as Taichi, Himeko, Yoshifumi, Yui and Iori have to survive seeing the world through each others' eyes
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HD | HQ | SD
comedy, drama, romance, supernatural   Violence, Blood, Mild Language, Non-Graphical Nudity, Adult Situation

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What's up?? By: dennisg On: Sep 12 2014
The story was entertaining,the characters were engaging,the overall idea was very good,but whats up with the episodes past 13?? Was this a second season? Anyway I liked the way the story gets tied up in the final chapter. Could be another season on the way,but it's not really needed.


By: shinigami1 On: Jun 29 2014
this anime is not like any other I've seen. If you watch this anime it tells about what you would in counter later in life.



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