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Koi Kaze
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Koi Kaze is about Koshiro and Nanoka who are brother and sister separated since Nanoka was a baby. When the time comes for her to enter high school, it is decided that the two will live together. Although off to a shaky start, they are getting used to living under the same roof. Koshiro begins to realize his feelings for Nanoka, even after trying to ignore them.

This causes him a great deal of distress. Even though he treated her harshly, Nanoka can't stop thinking about how much she likes him. They know what they feel is wrong, but their feelings for each other are moving them closer together. MMOKnight Though they know what they are doing is wrong, they can't control their feelings for one another any longer?
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Drama, Psychological, Romance   Mild Lanuage, Adult Situations

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Wow By: Colony08 On: Dec 06 2011
That's it? it's over? I figured it'd be longer than 13 episodes.


By: Adecko On: May 13 2009
Overall it was a very good series, I would suggest watching it. I think the ending would of been a lot better if they slipped in a "Oh damn, I didn't know I was adopted, who would of guessed. Sweet." On the dudes part. =p


By: Adecko On: May 13 2009
If you want to know if this anime is worth watching, watch the last 10 minutes of episode 4. I bet you've never seen anything like it. =p


By: Farfignugin On: Jan 19 2009
Ok, so i'm not big into incest, unless my sister was really really hot :P. I was very hesitant to watch this, but it turned out to actually be very good. Some parts even made me laugh like crazy, even though they never intended for this to contain any comedy. It's probably my severely twisted personallity, but the brah sniffing scene had me rolling. The ending was a little anti-climactic, but the story was great and you tend to fall in love with the characters.


By: YoflamRettopReverof On: Feb 14 2008
"You cant help who you fall in love with" ~Gravitation~ I love that quote because it is so true. For anyone who enjoyed this anime...you must watch Angel Sanctuary! It's the best :D I have to say I dont really agree with the concept but forbiden love has always been one of my fav things to watch play out in an anime ^__^' I loved this series!


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