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Happy Lesson
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Happy Lesson is about Chitose who has just moved out of the orphanage and back into his deceased parents’ house. But instead of lounging around the ultimate bachelor pad, he’s dodging discipline from his five new mothers! His high school teachers have adopted him, and the only thing that overshadows their good looks is their near-psychotic maternal zeal.

Just look at what they’ve got in store for him. When Chitose starts failing his classes, Mutsuki dons a sexy tutor outfit and beats the knowledge into him. Then Yayoi detects a spirit of misfortune inside Chitose’s body, and decides to remove it-by force. And of course, there are the contests in which his mothers compete to win Chitose like some kind of grand prize. How could any young guy hope to survive all this?
Complete   14 out of 14   English Dubbed   HQ | SD
Comedy, Drama, Romance   Blood, Violence, Bad Language,

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It grows on you! By: dennisg On: Sep 23 2013
My first comment was negative and I still stand by what I said. But since I watch anime on my lunch hour I don't need to get too terribly involved with the story. This series was always good for a laugh, and really that's what I need at midday. If I was looking for meaningful social commentary I'd watch live action movies like 'Schindler's List" or animes like 'Grave of the Fire Flies" both of these I've only seen once and that was enough for me. Give me a good laugh any time!!


can't take it anymore!! By: dennisg On: Sep 12 2013
I'll say that the situation is funny and the characters ARE likable. But,the overall story lacks any kind of cohesiveness. Without a anti-hero, there is little left to hold this crew together but the daily and episodic drama of their own lives. It's just another soap-opera, like so many live action sitcoms.


By: moesanrath On: Nov 04 2009
Hahah every time I watch one of these episodes. Especially the OVA's..all I can think of is my god that poor bastard...the antics and shinanigins those women put him through is funnier then hell.


=D By: SNEAKERPIMP On: Jul 16 2008
What I Would do to be in his situation.


Umm......*sigh* By: SNEAKERPIMP On: Jul 15 2008
Ugh??? I hate to burst u guyses bubble but the anime isn't over yet.?! It has almost 29 no , it does have 29 ep! [3 sesons!!!!!!]


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