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Haibane Renmei: INFORMATION

Haibane Renmei
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Haibane-Renmei takes place in a long-forgotten walled town, humans coexist with the Haibane, angelic-like beings of unknown origin. Rakka becomes the newest Haibane, after she awakens from a strange dream and finds herself hatching from a massive cocoon.

With no memories of her previous life, Rakka struggles to adjust to her new surroundings, however burning questions remain in the back of her mind. What is Haibane and what is their purpose? What lies beyond the huge, forbidden town walls? Thus Rakka begins her wistful journey of self-discovery and wonderment.
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural   Bad Language, Blood

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By: VorpalBunny30 On: May 27 2008
This was a very deep and touching anime. At first I was interested in the mystery that enshrouded where the haibane came from, but as the series progressed, I lost that interest and focused in on what was actually going on. This was one of the better ones that I have viewed!!


By: Gromit6909 On: Mar 14 2008
nice ending theme,i only watched the first ep so far but it has me hooked already,the best ending theme i ever heard is from outlaw star,the theme tune changes halfway thru the series which is a shame but if you like this one you'll love outlaw star's theme


This was a wonderful... By: belladreams On: Mar 06 2008
Touching series... I just love the closing song. It's just so touching.


Beautiful By: Dynchia On: Feb 29 2008
Lynchia: Ok, Dyn as agree to met me comment on my own and it has taken me some while to decide what I want to say. I ask you to bear with me on this. I grew up in a small town and though I was exposed to anime at a young age (Speed Racer) I never really thought anything on it. I never actually knew anything about it. My exposure was very limited because of where I lived. Dyn had grown up in a larger city and had more exposure then I but his descripitions and explantions on his love of Anime never really sunk in. About 10 years ago, that finally changed. Hastenings open a store in the small town where we was living at the time and he went down to rent some videos and he returned with a bag full of Anime. We started off the weekend the very 1st Ranma 1/2 episodes and let me tell you, I was surprised, embressed, and laughing myself silly. We watched severial movies, Kiki Delivery Service, They Were 11, and others. The crown glory was the Oh My Goddess OAV's. This crystalized my love of Anime the Oh My Goddess series have resided in a special place in my heart that no other series have yet reached, till now. Many have come close to finding a place beside Keiichi, Beldandy and her sisters, and now, they are joined by Rakka & Reki and all of the other Haibane. And thank you Dyn, for chosing this Anime for me when it was your turn to choose.


By: YoflamRettopReverof On: Feb 06 2008
Very original and cute! :D


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