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Eden's Bowy
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Yorn gazes up at two massive cities-"Edens"-floating in the sky and dreams of discovering their mysteries. Without warning, those mysteries come looking for him! Edenic assassins murder his father and Yorn is next on the hit list. Only a nameless old man and a mysterious young girl can help Yorn on his quest to find his long lost mother-and the truth. But killers are hot on their trail!

Follow Yorn and his companions as they race to save the world from the dark designs of the technological overlords who watch from the sky. Can Yorn find his royal mother before the murderers do? Who is the strange girl who stays by his side and why won't she say anything? And why does everyone keeping calling him the God Hunter?
Complete   26 out of 26   English Dubbed   HQ | SD
Adventure, Romance   Bad Language, Violence, Blurred out nudity, and Non-graphical Nudity

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By: jate88 On: Apr 17 2010
Awesome... Settings like this one are hard to find in the fantasy genre nowadays regardless of the art medium used. Usually these days it's all about contemporary fantasy.


an ok anime By: purple_monkey On: May 13 2007
well the first half was boring. and was not fun to watch. but its getting a bit better. it gets a 3 out 5


By: FullmetalLover On: May 13 2007
This show is so awesome I thought it was really dumb in the first episode but as I watched more I realized that it was a super awesome show ^_^


why a title? By: Themax37 On: May 13 2007
Yeah i agree with the above. It's weird at first but once you get into it it gets good, and funny too.


Found it inthralling By: luckystar74 On: May 13 2007
At first I was'nt so sure but I'm an open minded person, But once I started watching I could'nt stop. A tale of old mixed with growing and it's pains fun and laughter and seriusness all mixed into magick. It keeps you wondering whats going to happen next. And also reminds you of the rashness of youth as well as it's growing pains and growing to grater wisdom.



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