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Crest of The Stars
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Crest Of The Stars is about Jinto Lin's life, it changes forever when the Humankind Empire Abh takes over his home planet of Martine without firing a single shot. Sent off to study the bah language and culture, Jinto must prepare himself for his future as an Abh nobleman.

Entering the next phase of his training, he'll meet his first Abh, the lovely Lafiel. However, Jinto will soon learn that Lafiel is more than she appears and together they will have to fight for their very lives.
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Drama, Romance, Science Fiction   Mild Language, and Non-graphical Nudity

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Agree with SilveRedFred By: Bassam On: May 05 2012
Wasn't to sure I'll like it felt like one was going to be confused through the whole thing. To be honest somethings still remained confusing with all the different empires and names of leaders. However was still very enjoyable!


By: SilveRedFred On: Jul 21 2011
At first I was a little...scratch that....VERY confused about what was going on, but then I started to enjoy the anime alot more as I kept watching the series! Altough...I found the intro to be a bit annoying...(In fact, it sometimes felt like I was watching the intro of an old, regular movie rather than the into of an old anime).


Love it. By: OsmarH On: Jan 31 2011
The anime is wonderful. I like it very much.


By: VorpalBunny30 On: Mar 16 2009
Very enjoyable for such a short series!. I'm glad that the others are uploaded on this site.


By: Anakite777 On: Apr 10 2008
WOOT SAW BOS Season 1 and 2, One of my ll time favorite animes!! ME WANT MORE, ME NEED MORE (starts to eat his Anime DvDs....) whish there were 5 more seaons :-)


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