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Code Breaker
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Riding the bus one day, Sakurakouji Sakura looks out the window to see people being burned alive with a blue fire as a boy her age remains unharmed and stands over the people.

When she goes back to the site the next day, there are no corpses or evidence of any kind of murder, just a small fire. When Sakura goes to class, she discovers the new transfer student is the same boy she saw the day before. Sakura soon learns that he is Ogami Rei, the sixth "Code: Breaker," a special type of assassin with a strange ability and also a member of a secret organization that serves the government
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HD | HQ | SD
action, comedy, drama, psychological, supernatural   Blood, Bad Language, Violence, Adult Situations

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Characters. By: JamieUK On: Mar 07 2017
It's hard to review this with out spoiling it since my main issue with this anime are more about the last episodes. But to be as vague as possible. Bad guy does really bad and bad guy is treated like a good guy still and it's just ridiculous and his motives are silly. Apart of that issue I loved the anime and the other main characters are awesome.



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