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Burst Angel
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Burst Angel takes place in a crime ridden future, the streets of Tokyo are patrolled by RAPT, the organization responsible for maintaining peace and order. In this bleak world the citizenry are legally allowed to carry and wield firearms. But so are the criminals. It is RAPT's purpose to dispense quick justice on those that would violate or abuse the law.

But buried deep underground in secret labs, monsters of unimaginable terror are being forged using a new science, having their organic cells fused with machine parts creating the perfect enforcers to endure a future devoid of free will. In response to the rising threat, four brave angels assume the responsibility to defend the defenseless and bring down the underground crime syndicates, as well as the corrupt leaders of RAPT. They are enigmas, but Jo, Sei, Amy, and Meg, are the best change a wounded city has of freeing itself from an even darker future.
Complete   24 out of 24   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Action, Comedy, Science Fiction   Blood, Bad Language, Violence

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So-SO By: dennisg On: Feb 24 2014
Typical of Asian made flix,the characters who we grow fond of die off. But really you need to do something about the very poor quality of this series. I've watched many of the things that the Animecrave site has to offer and I have encountered little or no difficulty until now. You need to fix the problem,or make this series unavailable,so as not to alienate you devoted fans.


By: jamda On: Nov 14 2010
i saw this series on disc it was alright, as for the end i liked it Meg woke up, and stepped up no longer in the shadows, i think Jeo was great but was the inspiration that Meg needed, id love to see an OVA on the 2 of them seeing each other say 5 years later and seeing how the each have grown


By: VorpalBunny30 On: Jul 28 2009
For some reason this is the series that I kept falling asleep on. Not only that, but it stopped working after ep 14, which is probably for the better because I would only get through part of every ep.


By: Sexxiikittennikki On: Mar 25 2008
the ending was so sad, i loved it. really good series. ;D


By: YoflamRettopReverof On: Mar 09 2008
WHY THE FUCK ARE MEG & JOE NOT TOGETHER!!!!!! *Cries* This was so pointless in the end >:( Grr, im so anoyed! I LOVE JOE though! She's the BEST charecter on the whole show! Well the fighting was good and the comedy was good and the animation was awesome, but ive seen better.


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