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Blue Seed
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Blue Seed is about the forces of the Aragami whom for thousands of years have been held in check by a steady diet of human sacrifices, but now the bonds have been broken and mankind's oldest and deadliest enemies are stirring.

To combat an enemy who can attack anywhere, anytime, without notice will require the most talented agents from around the world and every resource available to modern civilization. The most effective armaments, however, could be two very special human weapons. Joining the battle are Momiji Fujimiya, last daughter of the family charged with containing the Aragami, and Mamoru Kusanagi, former servant of Aragami.
Complete   26 out of 26   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Comedy, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction   Bad Language, and Non-graphical Nudity

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Entertaining but..... By: dennisg On: Mar 13 2015
This was a well made series,which used the best techniques of it's day but in typical Asian fashion from ep.19 on the writers seem to have totally diverged from the plot or story in favor of .... who knows what.


By: namikaze_hazuki On: Mar 14 2010
I love Blue Seed... My mom used to tape this and we watched it together.


By: velius5 On: Jan 05 2010
this show and the slayers is what made me start watching anime can't wait til they put blue seed 2


By: jasmineRain On: Nov 18 2007
nooooo!!! the last episode is only in Japanese :[


By: jasmineRain On: Aug 26 2007
I'm guessing this is going to be one of those shows where the episode title gives away what's going to happen :[


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