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Black Cat
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Black Cat is about A sweeper, "Sven Vollfied", is hired to partake in an mission concerning an election, and inevitably becomes witness to an assassination by the Chronis Corporation. The corporation sent their best man, codename "Black Cat", to do the job, and the assassin finishes the job with cold, calculated ease.

However, things are not all well, even in the large and powerful corporation known as Chronos. Black Cat himself eventually deserted the corporation and is joined by Sven in releasing the nano-bioweapon Eve from a black market dealer. With Rinslet completing the group, they travel around working as sweepers. But there are darker shadows in the horizon, and our intrepid gang may find themselves fighting for their lives against supernatural forces who are most interested in Chronos, or, to be more specific, their top ranked assassin, Black Cat
Complete   24 out of 24   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction   Bad Language, Violence and Blood

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XIII By: one_piece On: May 13 2015
Thirteen is one of the great characters that makes this series work.


love it By: snowangel1212 On: Jul 09 2013
i love it i dk what people think


By: AbovetheStars On: Oct 15 2012
Don't know why everybody's griping about this anime.I thought it was awesome all the way through.Train changed personalites,but I think it was for the better.Didn't really like the series until everybody got together.If you like action,adventure and comedy,I recommend Black Cat.


It's O.k. By: TimS On: Aug 17 2012
The first 10 episodes were great, but for some reason, I feel it just went downhill from there. For the most part, I keep my interest all the way through and hope it never ends. But this anime is one of the ones I'm glad it will end soon.


this is kinda short By: l3l3l3 On: Feb 19 2012


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