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Banner Of The Stars
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Three years have passed since Jinto and Lafiel's first encounter and once again Jinto finds himself at Lafiel's side.

Now in command of her own assault ship, the Basroil, with Hinto serving as her supply officer, the two find themselves thrust into the middle of intergalactic conflict. However, will their efforts be enough to bring about peace?
Complete   13 out of 13   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Adventure, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction   Mild Language, Violence, and Non-graphical Nudity

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By: SilveRedFred On: Jul 21 2011
This was also very nice! The way they fought in the war was just awesome!


It is amusing. By: OsmarH On: Jan 31 2011
True enough, there is not much about princess and the count. However, we did learn many other new characters and how the abhs are different from humans. Perfecly nice set for the next season.


By: VorpalBunny30 On: Mar 30 2009
I agree that this one is not as focused on the princess and the count, but is pretty good. I found some the war to be pretty confusing, but turned out to be entertaining in the end.


continuation of Crest of the Stars By: KeKe On: Aug 19 2008
its pretty good its not as focused on the princess and the boy but its still good. if you enjoyed Crest of the Stars I advise watching this. there is also a second part to this but I have yet to finish it. My subbed copy doesnt have all thw words and I'm confused as to what was going on, too big of a sp[oiler to put why though. anyway Happy Anime-ing or whatever you call it. ~KeKe



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