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Ai Yori Aoshi
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Ai Yori Aoshi is about Kaoru Hanabishi who just wanted to help. Aoi Sakuraba just wanted to find her first love. They never realized they were looking for each other. Ever since their arranged marriage 18 years ago, Aoi had been in love with Kaoru, but she traveled to Tokyo to meet him when she learned the marriage had been called off.

While Kaoru's impressed by Aoi's loyalty, innocence and beauty, to accept her affection, he might have to return to the Hanabishi Clan and the emotional and physical pain he suffered during his childhood...Their self-control and their love will be put to the test when she moves in and he tries to stay a gentleman!
Complete   25 out of 25   English Dubbed & Japanese Subbed   HQ | SD
Comedy, Drama, Romance   Blurred out nudity, Bad Language, Non-graphical Nudity, Adult Situations

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A great romantic comedy By: one_piece On: May 13 2015
Okay another one for my list, Ai Yori Aoshi is a great series that has a lot of character (not a pun but a serious expression of the quality of the work). The beginning is filled with a lot of drama and sets up a great adventure. Unfortunately, after the first few episodes things slow down considerably... Still great.


Comments By: Kailash On: Feb 22 2014
Its a good video to watch.


good show!!! By: dennisg On: Jun 21 2013
This is truly a great romance,if you like that sort of thing. It made me cry,but only because I was sooo bored!!! It's an absolute chick flick, no action or suspense at all. Even if the characters are very likable it doesn't make up for the appalling lack of anything happening.


By: SilveRedFred On: Jul 18 2011
This is truly one of my most favorite anime due to it having so much romance! I mean, as soon as I saw the first episode, I couldn't help but see it all!


By: jamda On: Nov 14 2010
this is a great romance story, of love, devotion, and partnership. Iv Enjoyed!


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