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Postby Curt » September 22nd, 2006, 2:13 am

Kamichu is a story about a young girl called Yurie Hitotsubashi. One day she becomes a God, but she doesn’t know what kind of God she is, what she’s supposed to do or what her powers are! It’s up to her friends to support her as we go on a journey with Yurie as she discovers her powers, tries to make a guy at school notice her, make difficult decisions as a God and help lots of people on the way.

Fish N' chips sound great about now.
You'de think there would be a school on the OTHER side to. Beautiful animation btw.
Effective and not overdone comic relief.
+10 for the ribbon.
Miko didn't get enough screen time.
Great last two episodes.

Sheer words just really fail me now; Never before have I ever came close to drowning in pure kawaiiness and moéness… every one should watch this series once before they die, life just feels so complete now that I’ve known about the wonders of Yurieism.

The best way to describe Kamichu! for me is that it’s like watching Spirited Away only without the angst and with an extremely nice shot of moé that is just too perfect. I absolutely love the amount of detail that Aniplex has put in to this production, making it worthy of the Best Animation award it received.

Best scene must go to episode 4’s “Exclusive Self-Defense Policy” that Yurie-sama invoked in episode 4. Now I’ll know what to do if a bunch of soldiers surround me in Japan. Tama-chan is also a freaking riot, with the running joke in the series of her “abilities” being slowly discovered by Shoukichi. Besides, where else can you find a cat that’s not only just a cute pet, but also a poverty god, fighter and washes dishes as well?!

Verdict:8.0/10(Its just too Cute; Have you the courage to muster this anime's kawaiiness then add another point.)
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Postby Crim » September 23rd, 2006, 7:38 pm

tbh i think this sounds like a good series

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Postby will08 » March 21st, 2007, 1:10 pm

I agree on it looking good, and based on my resources its rating is consistantly really good. AC show'd without a doubt add this to LIVE. All im asking for is just for like the first couple of episodes then ill decide based on that if i should buy it.
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