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Mass Effect RP

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Postby DanteSilver » September 10th, 2011, 7:32 am

Jean did not change out of her armour or arrive at Darlar's sanctum unarmed like he would have wanted... or ordered. Instead when the security checks happened outside, her look intimidated those who earned their trade on intimidating and they let her past with minimal event; Kaila just shook her head and laughed quietly as she walked slightly in tow of Jean. Kaila knew to take a back seat and let Jean deal with things when she was on a mission, whilst it was not best to leave well alone Kaila would provide a moral and emotional support that Jean usually did not know she needed.

Darlar's sanctum was the complete manifestation of his underestimated diminutive size and his not-so-diminutive influence on the station. It served him well to be underestimated for when he stood taller than his adversaries (sometimes in the very literal sense after a clash with his people), it stuck and he profited from it greatly. Jean waded through the genetic refuse that was Darlar's contingent and those who were waiting to see him; an information salesman - a position befitting his volus heritage - but that did not mean that was all he sold...

"Hey!" and Jean felt rough digits grab her right arm, she turned to see the four eyes of a batarian taller than her all focussed on staring a hole through her head, "there's a waiting list!"
"Unlike you batarian," Jean placed her free hand on the batarian's and pried his fingers off her arm, much to all four of his eyes' surprise, "I have an appointment. She spun on her heel and walked forward with purpose once more, Kaila looked at the batarian as she moved past him and saw that he would not forget what had just happened to him. Again she could only laugh to herself.

"...the price on Alliance medical supplies has gone up since the demand has gone up and..." Darlar tailed off as he saw the often aggressive gait of the Earth-clan soldier carry her into the room, clearly not interested in the tentative protocol of card carrying appointments. "Earth-clan," he said simply, not being fazed by the interruption.
"Later is now Darlar."
"Indeed Earth-clan, leave us," he said with a swish of his hand and the races who had waited hours, perhaps days for an audience with him were filing out begrudgingly, grumbles in many alien tongues but one did not need a translator to know where their disgust was laid at. "You're costing me credits every second now, and that's something someone in your... position can ill afford."
"Let's talk about that position Darlar!"
"Let's..." Darlar whispered, sitting back on his chair, surrounded by holonet figures and views of the station. It was the hub of his operations, the numbers meant nothing to Jean - or anyone not as intellectually gifted - and to no one who did not know his cipher.
"You said I cost you 3.4 million credits..." saying the number hurt her pride, "and Kaila a further 2 million credits. The payoff of that last job was 5 million credits alone without all the consequent resale value."
"And?! It means that our account with you should be cleared, you take a third, sometimes half, of whatever we earn and you get the rest, if anything Darlar you should owe us!" Jean never could keep her calm around him.
"What price do you place on life Earth-clan?"
Darlar's question knocked Jean off balance. "...what?"
"Life Earth-clan, how much does that cost?"
Jean was speechless.
"You and the quarian, your indenture is no longer a financial consequence Earth-clan, you owe me... life. This you can never pay back. Now get out of my sight till you receive the next job," his matter-of-factly voice held more weight than Jean's emotional burst. She gritted her teeth and the feeling of Kaila's hand on her back, soothing, assuaged her anger. This is not over, she thought as she walked away to be greeted by the refuse once again. She caught the eye of a human with all the signs of a body addled by red sand crouched with a turian and a large package between them...
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