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Rock Lee v. Jugo

Do you have a character that you feel vs. any other character in the series would win? Or as far as coupling in a series are your views on it different then others? Debate all that here, but please remember keep it nice!

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Rock Lee v. Jugo

Rock Lee
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Rock Lee v. Jugo

Postby PrimaryLotusUser » June 9th, 2009, 9:50 am

now, if you don't know who jugo is, then he probably hasn't appeared in the anime yet. he's in the manga as one of sasuke's team "Hebi".

i'm probably gonna say lee on this one. the only one who could stop jugo's rampages was kimimaro, and lee did pretty well against him. i mean, in terms of power and speed, lee was better, it's just that kimimaro had that kekei genkai with his bones. other wise it would've been a much longer fight, and gaara probably wouldn't have had to get involved.
jugo is strong as hell, and blood thirsty. but lee is much faster, and i believe that with 5 of the gates opened he'd be more than a match for jugo.
who knows, this fight might actually happen, and we'll get to see who's right or wrong.
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