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Old member [2005ish] returning?

PostPosted: October 8th, 2018, 2:44 am
by Keizaru
I use to frequent this website around 2004-2005 when I was 16 in high school.. I'm 31 now lol. I used it a lot back before a good forum existed and the comment section under the blog updates were where all the kids hung out.

I think my username back then was like Cyg or cyggy or Cygnus.. something like that. I barely remember the names or aliases of the people who I spoke frequently with. Only bits and pieces of names.

I doubt anyone I spoke to back then will see this or even remember me. To me, it was a very important part of my life growing up. I had no friends, and all I wanted to do all day was to get home from school and get on AC, under the latest blog update comment, spamming f5 as people replied. I guess all things come to an end though.

Also hey Bassam, I doubt you remember me, but I was friends with Jenna :P

Re: Old member [2005ish] returning?

PostPosted: October 24th, 2018, 11:36 am
by Bassam
Welcome Back!!! Life happens to all of us and good things do come to an end, this is so true.

I'm trying to be more active my self but goodness it isn't easy! Everything is so different, most will talk on the shoutbox but even that is losing people...