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A History of Decadence and Turpitude

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A History of Decadence and Turpitude

Postby KeKe » August 4th, 2013, 11:18 pm

This is a RP that is going to be free design - as long as you don't overwrite or change something that coincides with another persons characters or history.

You can do or be whatever you want. Whatever you can imagine.
The only thing that I would say is unlikely is space travel outside of having man built colonies on the moon or within the solar system. Or vast colonies that are orbiting the planet, (Gundam seed) If built on a planetoid or moon, they are most likely poor and are pillaged by the Marshals, if a man built colony - most likely inhabited by the elite.

Basic history:

Somewhere, on a world not too dissimilar from our own, there was an explosive growth of every technology that existed along with the evolution of all creatures on the planet. For a millennium, each decade saw growth and advances twice of that of the previous decade. Entire world governments rose and fell. At the height of it's power the world held technologies that can no longer be explained. Some even say the ancients unlocked the mysteries of immortality.

It is said that early in that golden millennium, The power of the individual mind grew to allow a person to take on some qualities of their favorite animal, or fictional being, for the curious, they became more agile and at falls of great height they could somehow land on their feet unharmed, For those who were evil and wished to become tough, it was said a bullet may bounce off their muscles only leaving a small cut and a bruise. As these individuals had children, and their children had children, the effects became such that new beings no longer human existed, what wee consider a Neko, or Troll, Orc, Elves, anything that we can imagine.

Weapons technology became such that a nuclear bomb could have been considered akin to the invention of fire or the wheel at the dawn of our history.

Of course with all things, The power of greed and wanting of more causes some to do go to great lengths to get what they want at the expense of others. It is believed that the greed of one man s what started the collapse. This man, the head of the world government, was going to die. He had become so accustomed to power that he began experiments to defeat mortality itself. This brought on terrible war, not between races but between ideologies. Of course, the world government holding the most power easily beat down any opposition. There became a distinct halt in growth and evolution.

Over the course of anther three Millennium, The world government transformed into a royal court and the king wielded all power. All the wealth of the world slowly was brought into this area. This, man created city in the middle of the largest ocean, I say city but it would be comparable to the size of Great Brittan. This is where the wealthy resided. The rest of the world had become so poor that it was unable to maintain its sprawling cities and they crumbled. Now, Mere shadows of their former selves, they are ransacked by the royal courts twice a year by massive airships collecting food, tax, slaves, and whatever else the corrupt marshals wish to bring back to the capital city.

Three Millennium of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. though poor in this world, you still may have transports that could take you halfway around the world in an hour or two.

4 thousand years ago on a world not earth technology and evolution began increasing two fold every 10 years. Technologies that cannot even be imagined without extraordinary thoughts exist. Any race imaginable came into existence,

3 thousand yeas ago the world government led by a man who was going to die transformed into an empire, the man wished to not die and began experiments so twisted the enure world was caught up in war over it.

From then till now, the wealthy all ive on a man created island in the largest ocean that is the size of Great Brittan. the rest of the planet belongs to the poor. Twice a year Airships come and more or less pillage the lands to return to the capital.

Now, to all but the elite, technologies are vastly reduced. 99% of the worlds population lives outside, or are slaves within, the capital.

Magic exists but is generally only in the capital those who posess it are usually among the elites, or slaves. If magic is found outside the capital, the Marshals will destroy it or bring it back to the capital.


For theme:
Think shadowrun
Think Hunger Games,
Think, magical girl lyrical nanoha,
Think, The Matrix,
Honestly, think whatever you want because most likely you can build it into the world, and you can and will have to build it into the world.


Again, this is very open and if I don't like something I will suggest alterations or that you just don't do it because it will likely interfere with my story. Sorry, it is my RP and My story will eventually become the central focus after we have some tim to develop characters and relationships between them. Unfortunately since I suspect only like 3 people will join, I will be playing a vast horde of characters.


General Character Bio:

About, (try and give as much detail as you can, someone who is amazing with magic, should not be a well known character if they are living outside of the capital. Try and keep within the them i have set up and I will correct anything that seems to go cross grain.)
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Postby KeKe » August 4th, 2013, 11:19 pm

This place is mine
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