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The Multiverse Theory

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The Multiverse Theory

Postby khelder » July 31st, 2013, 12:17 am

Note: This is an actual rp... don't pay attention to the title saying theory just couldn't come up with a decent name for it and that was the first thing that came to mind.

So the whole deal this rp is to see what the users not just me can come up with, the idea is that every thought, every idea is actually another reality out there, and that the trick is to find it.

The general plot of this rp, is that there are people/creatures that have transcended their own home worlds. There is a war between two factions, one faction called "The Travellers," are a group that go into worlds, and do what they can to change them for the better, to most, they seem destructive, but have good in their hearts. The other group,"Arch Angel," are a group who believe worlds should be left untouched until they either transcend their own reality collectively (which is a rare thing), or the world has become aware of the existence of other worlds. Arch Angel is a highly corrupt organization, but you can only see it if you're a higher up inside the group, The Travellers had been present for much longer, but soon the Arch Angels and their beliefs caused them to rise and attack The Travellers. The two factions are on equal footing, and every new member counts, that's where we come in, we transcendents have unique combat abilities, some are even capable of preventing us from dying in combat, though these are common, making fights long and tedious, often times simple skirmishes could last years, making cheap shots common, and rarely effective. Because of this, the two factions are beginning to lose drive, fights are rarer, and tired leaders are discussing treaties, how will you make a difference? Will you remain nonalligned, or will you join one of the factions and take up arms? A single soldier could make a difference in the war, and it may be important, for a dark force is growing in the shadows, ready to unleash it's fury on these two battle hardened foes.

I'd prefer that worlds do not directly affect each other though it can happen, (just don't do something along the lines of worlds crashing into each other unless it's part of the plot or you honestly think that it'll move the story forward)

Now for some ground rules;
The rules of any one world will transcend the rules of the multiverse, that means if you're on planet zoidburgh (I dunno, I just felt like adding zoidburgh to the list of things on this thread) and the physics on planet zoidburgh say that you can jump twice as high than, even though the multiverses physics say one thing, zoidburghs physics take precedence. I dunno if this makes sense to you so if you need any more help, just give me a general description of how you're confused, and I'll try to cover it.

Multiple copies of the same world are allowed, but only if they are different in someway, like if in Bleach Ichigo became a quincy instead of a shinigami, you could still have the base world of Bleach there.

That should wrap up the rules for now... if an issue pops up I'll address it. so here's the format for creating characters,

Age:(optional, if you don't want a specific age just put in the ball park ex: teenager)
Physical features:(what color hair does he have? what style? eyes? body structure? you get the idea just tell us what he/she looks like)
Occupation:(is he/she a fighter? Whats special about him/her)
Where does he/she live?:(the real world? or something you made up? or an existing world? I want to know the details, feel free to use anything you made or something that already exists (if it's yours, i don't want people complaining to me about how someones using their stuff without their permission.))
How does your character move between worlds?: (no spaceship is not an acceptable answer, it can be magic for all I care, but spaceships move through what was it called? oh yeah, space.)

And here is a format for creating worlds (this is optional, existing manga and anime worlds are already fine, I'm just leaving this here for those who might want to create their own world.)

Name of planet:
General population:(this is what the sentient population is called, as well as a rounded out number)
Special physics:

That should be it, feel free to leave any ideas you might have, remember, I'll keep an open mind... so long as your views mirror mine perfectly lol.

Oh I almost forgot, here's my Character

Name: Khadjar
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Physical features: Dark long hair, grey eyes, Wiry body, basic clothes (jeans, t-shirt, that sort of thing) carries an 8" blade on the inside of his pants
Occupation: jobless.
How does your character move between worlds?:a strange looking handheld videogame console, he has to find the cartridge of the world to get there.
Bio: Khadjar wasn't always a fighter, he used to be a normal kid, well normal for his world anyway, he lived in the year 400378, the apocalypse has already happened, 15 times to be exact, humanity has survived so many transformations that while they look the same in appearance to modern day humans, they've grown in ways you wouldn't believe, strength, intelligence, a few even have pyrokinesis, Khadjar included.
Khadjar woke up to find a box with a strange looking handheld game console on his desk named DTD, he picked it up and saw that there were two cartridges, one name after Earth with the time printed on it, and the other that just said dimensional hub... he put in the dimensional hub cartridge and turned the console on to find himself in different surroundings.
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Re: The Multiverse Theory

Postby SiriusAlpha » March 10th, 2015, 8:27 am

When I press save it doesn't save, what is up with that?! Anyway,
Name: Okami
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appeareance: Multicolored eyes (Brown with some red and green in them) and Dark brown hair.
Bio: Used to work in an organization devoted to keeping the balance between the different dimensions. He quit when he saw that some members of the STAP (Space Time Anomally Prefention, they get told to "stahp" a lot) were enforcing taxes. He did his job alone until he met his girlfriend Dana, who ran a weapons shop. They were both working on the same mission. They teamed up a lot after that.
Home: On planet Kemauren.

Name of planet: Kemauren
General population: There is a wide diversity including humans, metahumans, polymorphic sentient rocks, elves, kemono, a species that takes a host in some form of inorganic material and controls it (EX. a machine preferably) The general population are called Kemaurites
Special characteristics: The gravity is about normal. The planet really varies. There are some cities that look like they are out of a cyberpunk videogame or a fantasy video game and then there are some that look like a normal Terrian (Earthling) city. Most are high-tech. There is a lot of water, forests, and up North it gets really cold, and in the East it gets really hot. In the West it shifts between pleasantly warm in the Spring and Summer and in Autumn and Winter it gets cold to a degree that it's nice.
Bio: Not sure what you mean.
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Re: The Multiverse Theory

Postby SiriusAlpha » March 10th, 2015, 8:33 am

Also Okami uses a machine that looks like a small box that can fit in your pocket. It alters the space-time continuum a little as to give you access to different dimensions.
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