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Anime Crave Host Club!

Postby TayaTiggress » July 19th, 2012, 1:58 pm

I know this sounds like a silly name for a thread, but I used this once before and it was a hit. It wasn't on here, it was a different site. These are the rules::

1. You have to have a name, though it doesn't matter if it is an anime name or a real one. It can be anything.

2. You have to give a description of your character, it can be anything from overly sexy (i mean like NOSEBLEED sexy), or to a more realistic hotness. You use your imagination. (also you don't have to be a male if your a male or a female if your a female. Have fun with it)

3. You have to be polite to your customer, you never know if they will like you or not.

4. You MUST choose the role of either customer, or host.

5. Have fun!

I will start.

Name:: Aubrey
Gender:: Male
Role:: Host
Eye color:: Garnet Red
Hair:: Mid-back Black hair
Height:: 6'
Apperence:: Muscular arms, and legs. Wearing a pair of leather pants that fit tightly to my body, and a satin shirt that is slightly lose fitting. Hair is in a low pony tail at the base of my neck with a black ribbon holding it in place.
Taya R. Tiggress
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Postby KeKe » July 23rd, 2012, 3:47 am

interesting idea. I will attempt to come up with something... at some point
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Postby someonelovesanime » March 16th, 2013, 7:02 am

Namev:: Sheena
Gender:: Female
Role:: Host
Eye color:: Light blue
Hair:: light brown
Height:: 5'3
Personality:: She's always happy and energetic and dominant. Eventho she doesnt seem like it shes quite smart and is always happy even on her bad days. She's quite girly and screams in a high voice everytime she sees an insect. She does think mice are cute.
Likes:: Sweets, cute stuff, doing her sjob as a Host
Dislikes:: bitter food and is scared of spiders, people who cant see the differents between a job and personal buisness
Apperence:: Mostly dressed up as a the type of girl/boy her costumers take a liking to. She has a slim body and if shes herself she wears a blouse with either a skirt or a dress and sneakers.
What makes her an awesome host::
as a host she never is herself with costumors and they know that. When a costumor askes for her they fill in a form with what kind of person they want to talk to and if she likes it she will play that kind of person. She doesn't mind dressing up as a guy or a girl. She does not go out of line or personal and she sees her job as buisness, she has her boundries ofcourse.
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Postby PhantomRenegade » March 16th, 2013, 11:28 am

Definitely based off Ouran Highschool host club, going to need to take some time to think of a character. I haven't done a Roleplay in years.
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