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[M] Blacklake Hospital: Burn away the flesh, eat away sanity

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[M] Blacklake Hospital: Burn away the flesh, eat away sanity

Postby sdp2501 » June 28th, 2012, 4:28 am

Rated M for gory violence, language, maybe scenes of of physical and mental torture, maybe sexual content.


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The adress below allows you to join the RPA version.


People knew nothing of the war untill the bombs fell. There were rumors of a second cold war but it never happened. It wasnt a cold war... It was real. Not even a warning. A global war erupted in a matter of moments.

The screaming of bombs was all that could be heard. Thousends of people ran for their lives into buildings, that's how the chaos started. Only those who had business within those buildings were allowed to stay. People were thrown out on the street becausse they had nothing to do there Or they were shot in cold blood by soldiers.

Blacklake hospital could hould up to a thousend people at a time but only those who were signed in were allowed to stay. of the people there that day... less than ten survived.

As the smoke clears a horrific realisation comes to light. How do we survive. We have little food with electricity to last us a few days at best. To make things worse we have patients who though they may not be in any danger still need pain killers at least. As night turnes to day people begin to show themselves for what they realy are. Not everyone intends to live peacefully and no. Not everyone believes the patient comes first.

For the character introduction reasons the RP will start about an hour before the disaster.

please Pm me if your not going to be on for a while.

Character sheet:

Attitude: (how do they act normaly and how do they act when the disaster is unleashed.)
Role: (Patient/carer/medic/officer. please say why they are where they are)
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