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Naruto sparring Rp: ooc/Bio

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Naruto sparring Rp: ooc/Bio

Postby Shinsei » June 6th, 2011, 6:12 pm

Still in the makings! you may post a sheet but be warned slight or even dramatic changes may be made and your sheet may need remaking.

Character Creation

In order to have an official character in the One Piece RP Universe, all you need to do is fill in the template provided below and post it inside the Bio thread for approval.

Character Template:
Code: Select all
Character Information

Kekkei genkai::
special Characteristics:

Strength: [How Physically powerful your character is. The higher this stat is, the more damage your physical attacks do and the more weight you can lift.]
Agility: [How fast and flexible your character is. The higher the stat, the faster you can move without help. This also affects high-speed movement speed.]
Vitality: [How long your character can last. It effects both how much damage you can take and how much you can do. Someone with low vitality won't be jumping around like a madman if they get several gashes.]
Chakra S: [Simply how much chakra you have, your over all suply.]
Chakra C: [How well you can control your chakra]
Ninjutsu: [How well you can use ninjutsu]

Weapons: [Limit of 5 basic weapons]
kekkei genkai Ability/tailed beast:

The stat system which is based on distributing stars. (★) Everyone will Begin with 18 stars to distribute, Though Pirate captains and Marine Admirals Will be granted 21 stars to distribute.

Distributing Rules

It is necessary to place at least one ★/point in Strength, Speed and Vitality.
The max amount of stars/points that can be placed in a single category is five.

Code: Select all
Standard Sheet (22 stars/points available)
Strength: ★★(2)
Agility: ★★★(3)
Vitality: ★★(2)
Chakra C: ★★★(3)
Chakra S: ★★(2)
Ninjutsu: ★★★(3)
genjutsu: ★★(2)
Kekkei genkai: ★★★(3)

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