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PostPosted: August 22nd, 2011, 11:21 am
by DanteSilver
"Liora, you've been busy," the Grand Cleric of the Formade City Cathedral Maria Magdalene said once the door shut and she heard the flutter of a garment hitting the panelled floor. Maria was a creature of necessity and so to say her chambers were sparse would be doing a great disservice to her minimalism.
Liora walked around the grand desk, probably the only piece of furniture that served more than just a functional purpose, and stopped when she was beside Maria. Her knee bent in respect, "I have Mistress."
Maria delighted in the fervent worship that she had inherited through this plan. She was, according to the Paladin's decree, but a pawn in this great Mission, there was pride, yes, in being one of the Chosen but only through humility and the rewards that the Lord would bestow. Truly, the Ark had called as a Crusade against mortal pride, but there was no denying its hold. "But there have been unaccounted for deaths alongside yours. You are acting alone, are you not?"
"I am Mist-" Liora's agreement was cut off by a curt backhand blow to the face. Her face barely moved from the impact but it stunned her into complete silence.
"You have been acting above your station. Taking it upon yourself to endanger light shining on the shadows that we are striking from, "she struck her kneeling subordinate again more forcefully this time, "but I am not angry. You will inspire the fear that they'll inevitably all feel."
"I am Mistress."
"Brother Damian will have dispatched Deacons to where the killing was, did you give them the answer they'll be looking for?"
"I have Mistress."


Lyle was amongst the small detail of Deacons and Brother Damians that had gone to investigate the place that girl covered in blood had come from. He was happy to do just about anything right now. Formade City may have well been another country to him. The way the Cathedral was maintained was nothing like Lysander City, here, they seemed... lifeless, as if duty was all that drove them to act.

"The building's just around this corner," Damian said at the front of the group, his hands tucked into his robe, his fingers around his rosary steeling himself for whatever was around the corner.

"Dear God..." There was a building here...

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by Inuyashagogirl
(As I said Dante, I totally understand. School will be starting for me in a few days here too.)

Ecco removed his hand from Neve's shoulder quickly, staring down at the corpses once more. He looked frustrated.
"There's something..... Something strange about them... About this whole scene, but... I can't figure out what it is. It's...... Disarming..."
He frowned deeply in thought, rubbing his temple slowly. By now the police force was simply standing and watching the two, waiting for them to finish and leave so that they could haul the bodies away to an already full morgue.

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by DanteSilver
Neve looked to the Deacons that had come with them and they nodded back to her to indicate that they had completed their own reports. Whatever the police force gathered here, no doubt, would not be enough and so Neve ensured that the Hand would be diligent in their investigations; finding what the police would miss. The small of her back started to feel tense and that reminded Neve that she was still on her knees, so she gathered herself once again and got back to her feet, dusting her uniform thoroughly.

"Disarming Ecco?" she asked, thinking whatever could disarm him had to be something that did not bear thinking about. The blood on her Scythe was enough already, but the apparent malice completely let loose still held a measure of control. It'd be so much easier if we were just dealing with insanity... she thought grimly.

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by Inuyashagogirl
(Oh, also, if Couer isn't coming back, should we try to contact her to see if we can just distribute her characters among us to keep the story moving?)

"Yes. Theres something else there, but I just can't.... see it... or tell what it is, anyway. It's... I don't like it." He knelt down again, searching the forms with his eyes once more, shaking his head slowly. He tried again to materialize the words he was trying to convey as he memorized each detail of the crime scene, but none came. When he finally stood again, he reaffirmed his earlier uneasiness. "I don't like it at all..."

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