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Postby Anime_Girl_93 » September 18th, 2008, 7:28 am

[Sweetness, more characters! And nah, sorry, I have an absent-minded brain; don't think I can handle more than one RP at a time. It sounds cool, though. Also, lol, we keep changing POVs here. It's quite fun to have more than 2 of them.]

Toshi strolled the corridors, escorted by two fierce-looking guards. They seemed a bit timid towards him, however, as though he were something evil; he was used to such treatment.

"Uh, hey, guys, I'm not gonna bite. Maybe we can chat here, please, so I don't go insane from lack of speech?"

They jumped--- either they had not expected him to speak, or they were terrified that his eye color had changed yet again, this time to a light-pinkish.

"Oh, this?" he pointed towards his iris. "Yeah, apparently half breeds' eyes change with their emotions. It entertained me a bit when I was little, but I had to be sure that nobody elsesaw it, or they would know my secret. Of course, I can't control it, so..." he cut short.

"Er, right." One of the guards spoke up. His own green eyes flashed suspiciously. "That's really wierd."

To his surprise, Toshi laughed. "Yeah,I know, huh? I'm some kind of freak show to you, I knew it; hey, maybe the King will let me become a royal jester or somethin' instead of killing me off." When he opened his eyes again, they too were Masako green.

They arrived at his quarters, and let him free to roam about. The guard who had spoken up gave him a slight bow, even, before turning away.

His room was HUGE; well, for him. Itw as actually about a normal-sized room, but that was okay, compared to cardboard boxes. He plopped onto his super-cofty, feather pillow bed, and flicked on the TV. There was news about the Ryu, of course; they had taken control of nearly all of the stations here on Earth by now, using hypnotists to brain wash townsfolk and the like to their side.

On the tele, he spotted Theoas and Ryuzaki. Damn it all, not them, he thought, hitting his head against the mantle piece. He swore quite loudly.

[Could you do the newspiece, please? Thanks.]
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Postby Bragg1 » September 18th, 2008, 7:02 pm

[Where'd this come from o.o]
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... -_-"

Postby Anime_Girl_93 » September 20th, 2008, 9:06 pm

Oh man! So, thiiis is what happened to the part of our RP that I posted but it never showed up... Okay peoples, ignore this!
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