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PostPosted: January 31st, 2006, 10:43 pm
by Susu06
Susu: and now I must leave *start running in her demon speed, then glance back at the scene* 'i won't let you down, Kit' *before anybody could follow, Susu disappeared, leaving confused faces staring where she once stood*

PostPosted: February 1st, 2006, 11:44 am
by IBeArchangel
Kitsunai: *sits back and watches the fight between Naraku and Inusanto* ~Might as well not get into this... besides, one will die and the other will be significantly weak. The advantage will be mine no matter who wins~ *smirks evilly*

PostPosted: February 1st, 2006, 5:02 pm
by inunabe
inusanto: *silently stands there waiting for naraku to attack*
Naraku: *frowns* "you think im going to fight you? no, i will have your brother do that as soon as he finishes off inuyasha.
* naraku steps back into his veil of mist and vanishes*

inusanto: *looks over at kit* "you killed falcdor, i dont know whether to thank you or not, seeing as he is a weakling. but i suppose you did save me the trouble...
*extends hand to kit*
"i can see that you think im the enemy, but beleive me, none of this is what it seems... i dont want your inuyasha dead.... and i want inunabe dead. this whole thing was a trick set by me to get inunabe into a place where he hopefully will die... we made te illusion of a faltering dimentional rift to kill him, but naraku made us promise to kill inuyasha or he would reveal the whole situation to inunabe, how he knows about this i dont know. the inuyasha in our world isnt as bad as inunabe makes him seem. our parents and familly were killed by a bunch of renegaede soldiers that were posing as inuyashas guard, and thats why he hates him so. he took us into his familly but inunabe saw it as enslavement... his mind has been twisted, and now all he wants is inuyashas blood, no matter if its the real one or an alternat-being."

INUNABE:*jumps up and stabs the tetsaiga at sess, a spray of blood emmiting from his left leg*
*suddenly inunabes ears perk up and he looks to the east* "..... falcdor.... no.. this cant be..."
* inunabe suddenly dodges an attack from behind from inuyasha, and lands beside kagome, he looks her in the eyes then grabs her around the waist and jumps into the air*
"if you want to see her or her brother you will meet me at the point where my brothers army is supposed to be"
*and with that he vanishes with her*

PostPosted: February 2nd, 2006, 6:10 am
by IBeArchangel
Kitsunai: *just stars at inusanto* hmn! I will be the one to deciede if you speak the truth... for now I shall leave you be. But know this, if I find out your lying, I will make your life a living tortured hell before I kill you... *walk away, senses that Inuyasha is troubled*

Inu:Kagome!!!!! *chases him with a vengence, but loses him anyway...*
Sesshoumaru: *sheaths his sword and walks off*

Kitsunai: *appears suddenly behind Inunabe* Soo, you were able to get her... and right from under Inuyasha's nose? Good job, you beat me to it.

PostPosted: February 2nd, 2006, 9:07 pm
by inunabe
INUNABE:* looks behind himself and stares at kit, then frowns* how did i have to appear with you right behind me?.... anyways, if you want the wench then here*bodily throws kagome to the ground, wo is unconsious by the travel throgh alternating universes* travel such as that would kill a reagular human.... inusanto...
* inunabe looks over and sees inusanto, and a few feet away falcdors head*
"..... you fool...."
* inunabe points his left palm towards inusanto*
Inusanto:" you wouldnt dare kill your own flesh and blood..."
Inunabe:" wouldnt I??"
Inusanto:" then your no better than inuyasha...."
*inunabe bears his teeth and jumps at inusanto* "how dare you to compare me to that scum!"
* suddenly a giant boomerang smashes throghthe woods and catches inunabe in the face, then turns and gets inusanto across the chest*

Sango:" is everyone allright?"
Miroku:"Everyone stand back!!!

*suddenly a whirlwind begins to suck inusanto in, but inunabe is unaffected*
Inunabe:" how many times must i make a point before that human realises dimentional winds wont take me by force?"
*inunabe waves the tetsaiga and a tree turns into many of the bee things, then alot of them get sucked up before miroku could close the void*
Miroku:"AAAGGH!!!!!" *miroku falls down and begins to squirm, his hand begining to change colors.
*sango runs over to aid miroku, but the area behind her is lit with a bright light that is now formed into a beam coming from inunabes tetsaiga and traveling right for her*
*inusanto jumps into the path of the incoming beam and produces a wicked looking sword colored black along with his own staff, then stabs his sword straight into the beam and it deflects right back at inunabe*
Inunabe:"hah..... those who betray me and sympathizes with enemies shall die..."
*with a wave of the tetsaiga the beam splits into 10 other beams and go all over the place, exploding wherever they land.*

PostPosted: February 3rd, 2006, 4:53 pm
by IBeArchangel
Inu: *comes running* Kagome!! *see's Kit with Kagome...* What? Kit... what's going on?!
Kit: I'm trying to save you from what you yourself can't save yourelf from...
Inu: What the hell are you talking about?!?
Kit: A human stole 50 years of your life that you could never recover... how many years must this one take from you... your my dearest friend.. I don't want you to leave me here alone...
Inu: *is speechless* .....
Kit: This human will be the death of you Inuyasha!! *silent tears fall from her face*

PostPosted: February 3rd, 2006, 9:19 pm
by inunabe

Inunabe:* looks back at the scene inuyasha, kit and kagome is making*
"pah, dont waste youre time on him, hes a fool, and hes weak..."
*suddenly a black light envelopes inunabe from behind*

Inusanto:" Wicked Nightmare Slash!!!"
*he slashes his black sword and a black vortex flys from it, slaming into inunabe from behind and sending him sailing into the woods*
*inusanto then looks over to kit*
"you said you would see if i was loyal to my word, well, his weakness lies in the scar on his head, plus in the fully complete jewel fro.... AGH!"
* a hand explodes from inusantos chest, and in this hand is inusantos bleeding heart*

Inunabe:".... you will not kll me, and neither will they. you failed to tell them the procedure as to get rid of the scar, and the secret of the jewel, *looks over at kit* he blasted me to tell you my secret, so your the reason he dies..."
*blood splatters everywhere as inunabe smashes the heart in his hand. the body of inusanto convulses, then begins to go limp. its his face stares at kit in a horrified expression.*

PostPosted: February 3rd, 2006, 9:59 pm
by pyroblade
*a air current flys out and slams inu through a near by tree*
"ive had enough of observing u have to deal with me now"
*draws his special sword*
"now feel the power of the Regnall"

PostPosted: February 3rd, 2006, 11:31 pm
by inunabe
* recovers from te smash into the tree* fool, i guess you dont know when to quit, but, heres a question, how will you hit whats not there?
*with a loud pop inunabe dissappears*

PostPosted: February 4th, 2006, 2:48 am
by pyroblade
"i hope ure not traveling demensions again because dont forget the Regnall can cancel ure ability" *raises ragnall* "if find out ure using the same trick ure toast"

PostPosted: February 4th, 2006, 5:04 pm
by IBeArchangel
Inu: How could you? I can't believe that you would do this.....
Kit: (Naruto imitation) Belive it.
Koga: HEY MUTT!! need a hand?
Inu: -_-* You smell twice as bad as normal....
Koga: Hey, I brought reinforcements! *points to a pack of wolves and wolf demons... one steps out beside Koga* Ready for war?
Zahra: *-* Anything for you Koga...
Koga: I wishi you'd stop doing that your scaring me... -_-'
Zahra: You spoil my fun darling....
Inu: *Comical evil smile with a look that read I'll-never-let-you-live-this-down*

PostPosted: February 4th, 2006, 7:47 pm
by inunabe
*disembodied voice*"oh no, im not traveling dimentions, but your little parlor trick sword will never stop this"
*suddenly inunabe appears around 90 feet in the air, just hovering there, then he points his staff that used to be the tetsaiga into the air, a red beam shoots out and explodes like a flare, but then suddenly a swirling hole in the fabric of time, and begins to enlarge*
"HAHAHAHA!!!! now you cant stop it! even if you somehow kill me it will grow, and all time will stop, freezing you all in a constant instant. im the only one immune to it, and im the only one who can stop it!"
*suddenly the hole begins to warp in shape and little tendrils of it begin to rake the ground, freezing everything they touch in place.*
"what the heck...... no, the jewels from this world has made my powers unstable.... im not immune to it anylonger.... and i cant stop it!"
*black lightening lashes out from the vortex and stricks someone randomly who cries out in suprise as blood sprays inunabes back*

*inunabe floats to the ground and swings his staff*
"i must get back to my own world!"

* a mist appears behind inunabe and naraku jumps out and blasts inunabe back with one of his dirt tentacle things*
Naraku:" your going nowhere.... you promised to kill inuyasha, and then you open this portal thing.... if i die you die too..."
*naraku lashes out and begins to attack inunabe*

PostPosted: February 4th, 2006, 10:18 pm
by pyroblade
"dear lord why must u crazy fools always take things as far as u can take them?" *starts thinking*

"what about the bone eater's well? it opens a nexis between times but the space imbetween has no time so if we release the power of the well we could seal the rip in the no time zone were it wont do any harm. but the delema is that if we do that the little time travel girl there wont be able to go between worlds anymore due to the rip inhabiting the nexis, she will have to choose a world to live in and stick with it." *turns to everyone present* "so what do u think i dont think naraku is going to interfere with this one since his own hide is on the line"

PostPosted: February 4th, 2006, 11:59 pm
by inunabe
* naraku and inunabe continue their battle, then a sudden rumble occures and the tentacles of the rift begin to increase in number and speed. several pass inches between naraku and inunabe*
* naraku looks over his shoulder at pyro*
" you do know that i can still interfere and not be killed... "
*Inunabe disengages and backs up till hes near the edge of the forest*
Inunabe:" yes, he could always push inuyashainto a traveling tentacle of the rift, or get someone else to do it for him///"

* as if on que kagura (i dont know if i got the right girl, i dont mean the little one, i mean the taller one.) appears behind inuyasha and grabs both his arms, pulling them behind his back, and then binds him with a magicaly bound string. she then dissappears and reappears beside a fallen tree that was stopped in mid fall by a tentacle of the rift*

PostPosted: February 5th, 2006, 11:45 am
by IBeArchangel
Kit: *see's Kagura take Inuyasha away* Inuyasha!? *throws Kagome aside and forgets her, and goes after Inuyasha and Kagura*
Koga: *blink blink* well that was weird..
Zahra: Yeah really... should we follow?
Koga: *didn't hear a word as he takes Kagome's hand and looks at her intently*
Kagome: ^-^'''' um....
Zahra: *punches him in the back of the head*
Koga: *swirly eyes uncounsious..*
Zahra: *puts him on her back and carries him, turns to the rest of the pack* Come on! *runs off the same way Kit went