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Re: Videos Down!

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Re: Videos Down!

Postby KeKe » April 16th, 2011, 8:49 am

This should help keep questions about the videos currently being offline in one place so that everyone can see them and perhaps get answers to their questions if others are answered.


First, i want to express for those that do not know, AC has nothing to do with the service being down. This is strictly a matter between two companies that has affected AC and probably many other websites.

Second, I know Bassam and Stephanie will do everything within their power to get this website back up and running at the earliest possible time, however, with the size of this site, and the issues at hand, this could take some time.

Everyone should also know that AC is not like the other anime sites out there, AC owns the dvds or blu-rays what have you of the anime. They convert the videos from the source.
This is unlike other sites who simply link you to videos that are put up, most likely illegally.

Finally, there is good news that I do not know how much Bassam has said on the forums, so I will not, but there are things coming that will make using AC easier and better than it is now, So I ask all of you who are thinking about going to find other websites to get your fix on, please do not forget about us here. ^_^
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Postby Joshua » April 16th, 2011, 5:47 pm

KeKe is correct.

I've been with Animecrave since 2005, and this is the first time that anything of this scale has happened. While I understand that this is frustrating, please understand that this is not of Bassam or Steph's doing. This is a fiasco created by the server host/data center.

As KeKe stated earlier, many "Free Anime" sites out there are uploading videos illegally, usually through mirrors etc, so the quality sucks.

Here at AnimeCrave, you're getting the highest quality possible without going to the store and paying the ridiculous prices for DVDs and Box Sets. Animecrave exists to support the industry, without bowing to the retail giants.

Please be patient my friends.
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