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MBT shoes, a symbol in Hong Kong

PostPosted: July 18th, 2012, 12:52 am
by luliliu
MBT shoes, a symbol in Hong Kong

The earliest evidence of the MBT Schuhe symbol in Hong Kong: there is a mural of a Spanish cave (Altamira). Drawn by the BC 13000-15000 years. The murals on the description of the hunters, which is the "boots" for the first time. Simulated glacier mummy MBT shoes China Shoes (Stone Age) shows a very good process, 5,000 years ago, MBT fitness sports white already has the characteristics of the modern ordinary shoes in the shoe store chain, "shoelace" . The addition of MBT shoes is mbt m walk This process today is still widely used.

MBT shoes MBT shoes, sports a black symbol in Hong Kong: the future of fashion trends to understand, you must first MBT shoes, especially the history of women's shoes to understand. Prehistoric based on the theory of comparative anatomy of the the Paleolithic foot and leg bones (Beijing Tianyuan cave near the discovery), 40,000 years ago (Paleolithic) the use of MBT shoes. Feet in the shoes after the changes is different from the barefoot, the differences can be found in the bones of the toes. The recent stage of the Paleolithic, about 27,000 years ago, our ancestors also appears in parts of Europe often use the MBT shoes.