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Rozen Maiden: Träumend

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Rozen Maiden: Träumend

Postby Curt » February 7th, 2007, 7:49 am

This season, we are introduced to two new dolls and a new plot that now expands on the Alice Game and its quirks. The two new dolls are Kanaria (2nd) and Barashishou (7th, f---); one is an ally while the other is a psychotic villain (good times ^^). This season around, the Alice Game will end for good, and in greater tragedy.

In all its glory, Rozen Maiden continues to be both laugh-out-loud comedy and tear-jerking drama in perfect moments, never dulling with each transition. For the most part, the parts are played out perfectly, rationally and logically. The dolls' personalities keep the comedy interesting while growing developments of the dolls keep the tension on the drama raised tight. The comedic factor far exceeds the dramatics this time around. Nevertheless, excellent directing on both parts and each episode keeps you wanting more.

Much of the comedy is provided by the other new Rozen Maiden, Kanaria, the self-proclaimed 'most intelligent.' Who is, of course, a bumbling source of comic relief. While her ineptitude and enthusiasm are initially a bit grating, she eventually will worm her way into your heart... unless you didn't end up liking Hina Ichigo- but if that's the case, you've probably not made it this far into the review anyway.

Despite the comic relief, Träumend is a far darker series than its predecessor. This ain't your daddy's Rozen Maiden, and these ain't the original series' fights. Dolls die, break, and sacrifice themselves. This is the Alice game in its full, frightening, form- and there can be only one survivor. Before anybody runs off, though, I'll say this- I'm not a fan of melodrama, and the series manages to steer away from it for the most part. The eliminations are handled with as little angst as can be expected.

This serves as an excellent backdrop for further character development. Shinku's newfound vow to not fight, the bond between Suisei Seki and Sousei Seki, Jun's newfound maturity, and even Suigin Tou's (gasp) softer side... all of them are forced into the light by the conflict. The one caveat here is that the character development feels slightly forced in a few instances. But, overall, it's a nice complement to the more action-oriented focus of the series.

The resolution to it all, though, is... well, it's a surprise. It's a road paved with a plot twist or three, and the end itself is one that you probably won't see coming. Unfortunately, the main reason you won't see it coming is because it's a good example of a deus ex machina. Still, even if you aren't willing to wait around for a third installment to the series, don't let that discourage you- it may not be the best ending, but the material leading up to it is exactly what the Rozen Maiden name would lead you to expect.

Screen Shots:
"Barasuishou"; evil, and demonic loli, also knows as the main antagonist of this greatly endeavoring series.

Suiseiseki; Souseiseki's twin sister.

Suigintou; the sub-protagonist, as well as the main protagonist from the first season.

Jun-kun; Shinku's mediator, the main male protagonist of Rozen Maiden.

Loli in a box, thats just too cute to ignore.

Suigintou's mediator; she never really was a large part of this series, aside from her being the one person(aside from "Father") who she wanted to protect.

Loli fly fishing, i've heard its the new fad in Japan.

Suigintou's soft side.(as you will rarely see it)

Loli's, ive heard they make an excellent top-hat! Enter, Hina Ichigo.

The loli brigade watching their favorite t.v. show.

Kanaria; the newest addition to the loli brigade.

Souseiseki's(left side) the eccentric of the house hold. Hobbies include; nagging, pestering, and stealing from the cute Hina Ichigo. Favorite word? im glad you asked! Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi; honestly, she used it more times throughout these twelve episodes then the Holy Bible used the word "God", and it never got old, not even once!

Verdict: 8.5/10(When you can make a show about dolls and appeal to those who have no general interest in them, you have a winner.)
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