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Colorful(or not?)

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Colorful(or not?)

Postby Curt » October 22nd, 2006, 10:33 pm

Colorful is a vast collection of various perverse antics that every peeping Tom, Dick, and Harry can probably relate to. Its got everything from panties, bras, to bleeding noses and drooling tongues. For sure a voyeur's dream come true...

Do you like panties? Um, let me rephrase... do you absolutely adore, worship, and crave panties? Would you give anything just to be able to get a peek at any form of female underwear? If you answered all the questions with a big resounding yes, then this anime is for you....Not?

Well, I had the great misfortune of watching this, because number one, I usually like ecchi and fanservice, and number two, I'd heard that it was descent.

It wasn't.

Yes, there were some laugh out loud moments, but they were overshadowed by pure nonsense and low production values. Furthermore, the ecchi was very tame, with little more than small partial glimpses of panties.

The animation looks like it was done as cheaply as possible. The story is non-existent, though there were recurring characters. A lot of people say they liked that there's no story, but I like some continuity. If a joke can be told in 60 seconds, I'd rather just hear it from one of my friends. Of course, about 75% of the jokes just aren't funny enough to relate to your buddies, which is the worst part. In contrast, the one storyline that did continue throughout, "Yamamoto", built up to a great punchline.

The show's saving grace is a descent opening song that sounds like something Excel would sing, and "OK" background beats throughout.

Finally, if you do decide to watch the show, make sure to watch it in small quantities; going insane would be probable cause in an anime as impractical as this one.

Verdict: 5.0/10(Colorful may be considered as a brilliant effort at artistic expression by some, but to me it's just an overload of bras, panties, cleavages, legs, nosebleeds, sweatdrops, bulging eyeballs, and so forth(Which I usually enjoy). If this is art then anyone who can string together a bunch of panty shots while adding some graphic effects is a freaking artist. To reiterate, I'd only recommend this if you answered yes to the first three questions I asked at the beginning of this review, and even then, it still may not be worth watching. It wasn't for me.)
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