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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha a's

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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha a's

Postby Curt » September 21st, 2006, 12:18 am

Throw the cast of CardCaptor Sakura into a Final Fantasy movie with truckloads of flashy transmutations circles and you’ll essentially get Magical girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s; an VERY entertaining mixture of sweet innocence and wicked action.

Nanoha a's is AMAZING. For 13 eps, it bundles a coherent plot, mind-blowing action, pre-teen drama and a whole slew of kawaii characters ranging from the lolicious (9 years old) to the babelicious (20+). Personally I thought Nanoha’s strength lay in her superb execution/balance of these various story elements. Not only is it a good mix (many poignant moments infused into frantic fighting), the scenes themselves are also very well executed treats with the action sequences, heart-stopping or the emotional parts, touching.

In story department, Nanoha hosts a simple tale and despite introducing a pantheon of new characters, it keeps good pace to finish off as strongly as it started. I was really glad that an entire ep was devoted to closing the series as opposed to most other action series that jam-packs their finale with epic battles only to hastily show floating helmets for their parting gift. There were also a few minor twists which were rather pleasant surprises and certainly added flavour to the story.

Action is another(Who am I kidding, Nanoha a's has no flaws) major plus of Nanoha. The battles are fast/furious and occurs with a frequency that will shame Mai Otome. (Yes, there is more fighting in the final 3 eps of Nanoha than 18 eps of Otome put together) Breathtaking visual treats are these action sequences with Gundam styled mega-explosions and beautiful weapon upgrades (sprinkled with a generous dose of Engrish I might add). It probably also stands out since it features 9 year olds employing stylish battle stances with Final Fantasy flair and wielding ridiculous amount of firepower that would have sent Shinn Asuka whimpering in Lunamaria’s arms. Yet throughout the raw brutal fights, they carry the demeanor of demure, sweet, innocent schoolgirls. A brilliant meld of sugar and power.

Characterization remains as incredible as ever, with an masterfully orchestrated line-up of new interesting characters and old favorites. As expected, Nanoha and Fate are back and fighting together at last! their characterization and the complicated relationship they share is done ever so flawlessly.

Magical girl Lyrical Nanoha is a high quality production that masterfully blends elements of the saccharine mahou shoujo with cool shounen action. If you are of a pure heart and think nothing of naked pre-teen henshin sequences and the occasional tentacle monster, then Nanoha is perfect for finding the mahou shoujo in you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


Verdict 9.0/10(If you so happen to really enjoy "Magical Girl" themed action, then give this anime another point, and you may as well call this the best anime there ever was.)

There will infact be a sequal to Magical Girl lyrical nanoha a's, which will partake ten years in the future. Say buh bye to my ever so loving Loli's, and hello to Mid-Teen hotties. The sequal will be named Magical Girl lyrical Nanoha Striker; all I wish is that it will live up to its Name as being one of, if not the best Mahou Shoujo title this past decade.
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Postby Crim » November 4th, 2006, 11:47 am


Nanoha : "........ITS NANOHA DAMMIT"
Nanoha : "NA - NO - HA Geez"

that had me laughin for about 5 mintues
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