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How do I place an avatar and signature on my AC account?

PostPosted: February 24th, 2007, 11:53 am
by Dann
1. Go into the avatars page: ... ia/avatars

2. Select your genre. (anime/game)

3. Select either the anime title or game title you want, then look through the avatars given.

4. Copy the link of the avatar

5. Go to your control panal and look to the left hand corner of the screen and you will see the "Change My Buddy Icon" option.

6. After going into that option, paste the link into the "Remote Icon" slot and make sure you select the" Wish to Supply A URL To An Icon Uploaded on a Remote Server."

*You may also paste the link of a avatar saved on a image host site. eg. Photo Bucket*

*You may also choose to remove your current icon by selecting the "I do no wish to have a personalized Buddy-Icon" button.*

7. Select the "Chane my Icon" and your done.

If you need more help, email us at [email protected]

PostPosted: February 24th, 2007, 11:55 am
by Dann
1. Go into multimedia and select signatures or click this link: ... signatures

2. Select your genre. (anime/game)

3.Select the type siganture that you would like.

4. Select your genre. (anime/game)

5. Copy the signature link.

6. Go into your control panal (on AC) and select your profile.

7. In your profile, you have to paste the link into the designated signature field and simply press the "Change my Profile" option.

*Note that the URL of the image must be valid*

If you need more help email us at [email protected]