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Updates for 10/13/2013-10/16/2013 Enjoy!!!

Want to know what media was recently added on Anime Crave? Well all that information will be posted here.

Updates for 10/13/2013-10/16/2013 Enjoy!!!

Postby Stephanie » October 22nd, 2013, 4:55 pm

Hello AC Members,
Sorry I keep Falling behind on updates tough doing it by myself. Here are the ones I'm behind on more to come though :)

Updates as Follows:

Bassams Update

-A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode #17: Tsuzuri's Summer Vacation
-A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode #18: Asunaro Park

-A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode #19: Midsummer Festival
-A Certian Scientific Railgun Episode #20: Poltergeist

Stephanies Update

-Guilty Crown Episode #09: Predation:Prey
-Guilty Crown Episode #10: Degeneracy:Retraction

-Guilty Crown Episode #11: Resonance:Resonance
-Guilty Crown Episode #12: Resurrection:The Lost Christmas

Bassams Update

-Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode #169: Second Times The Charm!
-Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode #170: Pokemon Ranger-Deoxys Crisis Part 1

-Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode #171: Pokemon Ranger-Deoxys Crisis Part 2
-Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode #172: All That Glitters is Not Golden!

Stephanies Update

-Naruto Shippuden Episode #193: The Man Who Died Twice
-Naruto Shippuden Episode #194: The Worst Three-Legged Race

-Naruto Shippuden Episode #195: Team 10's Teamwork
-Naruto Shippuden Episode #196: Drive Towards Darkness

Bassams update

-A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode #21: Voices
-A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode #22: Level 6 The One Who Obtains the Power of God Whilst Still Possessing a Mortal Body

-A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode #23: What Is It You See In Your Eyes Right Now?
-A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode #24: Dear My Friends

Stephanies Update

-Guilty Crown Episode #13: Academy:Isolation
-Guilty Crown Episode #14: Disturbance:Election

-Guilty Crown Episode #15: Confession:Sacrifice
-Guilty Crown Episode #16: Kingdom:The Tyrant

Bassams Update

-Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode #173: New Plot, Odd Lot!
-Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode #174: Going For Choke!

-Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode #175: The Ole Berate and Switch!
-Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode #176: Grating Spaces

Stephanies Update

-Naruto Shippuden Episode #197: The Sixth Hokage Danzo
-Naruto Shippuden Episode #198: Five Kage Summit's Eve

-Naruto Shippuden Episode #199: Enter the Five Kage!
-Naruto Shippuden Episode #200: Naruto's Plea

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