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Fansubs Update!!!

Want to know what media was recently added on Anime Crave? Well all that information will be posted here.

Fansubs Update!!!

Postby Stephanie » September 14th, 2014, 4:33 pm

Hey AC Members,
We have managed to update the site with Fansubs YAY!!! as always more to come :)

Fansubs Updates

-Tokyo ESP Episode #05: Meeting, Phantom and Girl
-Tokyo ESP Episode #06: Each Girl, Each Desire

-Tokyo ESP Episode #07: Girls in the Rain
-Tokyo ESP Episode #08: Episode 08

-Tokyo ESP Episode #09: Episode 09
-Tokyo Ghoul Episode #08: Circular

-Tokyo Ghoul Episode #09: Birdcage
-Tokyo Ghoul Episode #10: Aogiri

Fansubs Update

-Bakumatsu Rock Episode #06: Royal Concert! Rockers' Hearts are Moved to Tears!
-Bakumatsu Rock Episode #07: Rockers! Let's Form a Band!

-Bakumatsu Rock Episode #08: Dark Cherries! Death to Rock
-Bakumatsu Rock Episode #09: Mask the Rocker! The Soul is Important!

-Bakumatsu Rock Episode #10: Solo Debut! We Can't Play Together Anymore!
-Captain Earth Episode #21: The Meaning of a Captain

-Captain Earth Episode #22: The Operation Summer
-DRAMAtical Murder Episode #07: Distance

-DRAMAtical Murder Episode #08: Reply
-DRAMAtical Murder Episode #09: Echt

Fansubs Update

-Code Geass Akito the Exiled Episode #02: Episode 02
-BlazBlue Alter Memory Episode #06: False World

-BlazBlue Alter Memory Episode #07: The Wings of Judgement
-BlazBlue Alter Memory Episode #08: THe Mechanical Soul

-BlazBlue Alter Memory Episode #09: The Power of Order
-BlazBlue Alter Memory Episode #10: THe God-Killers Cocoon

-Blood Lad Episode #10: The Dark Hero Rises

Fansubs Update

-Fantasista Doll Episode #06: Akari Kari Kari - Restrictions and Devotion?

-Fantasista Doll Episode #07: A Heart Tart? All Together As One
-Fantasista Doll Episode #08: Onion On On - A Fair of Culture?

-Fantasista Doll Episode #09: Kagami Kami Kami? Confusing feelings
-Fantasista Doll Episode #10: Poked Poker - The Director's Challenge?

-Sword Art Online II Episode #08: Bullet of Bullets
-Sword Art Online II Episode #09: Death Gun

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