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Fansubs Updates!!

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Fansubs Updates!!

Postby Stephanie » September 9th, 2014, 4:05 pm

Hey AC Members,
So We have managed to update the fansubs section with some episodes for the following series Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei, Rokujouma No Shinryakusha, Space Dandy 2, Ace Of Diamonds, Akame Ga Kill, Baby Steps, and we've added some new fansub series Re: Hamatora, Sabagebu! and Sailor Moon Crystal Enjoy.

Fansubs Update

-Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Episode #19: Yokohama Disturbance Part I
-Re: Hamatora Episode #01: Melancholy of Hero

-Re: Hamatora Episode #02: Art Returns
-Re: Hamatora Episode #03: Madness Flower

-Re: Hamatora Episode #04: For Whom Talent
-Re: Hamatora Episode #05: Buddy's Wishes

-Re: Hamatora Episode #06: Advent
-Rokujouma No Shinryakusha Episode #06: Cultural Festivals and Beetles?!

-Sabagebu! Episode #01: Joining the Club! / You Said You'd Join? I Lied! / I Wanted to Play a Realistic Survival Game
-Sabagebu! Episode #02: Twin Tail Trap / Mental Training / Silent KILL or DIE

-Sabagebu! Episode #03: She's Coming! The Woman Who Summons Storms Appears!! / She's Coming, Too! The Challenge of Hell's Children!!
-Sabagebu! Episode #04: Boy Meets Girl of Destiny (lol) / Pigs who Mock the Will to Lose Weight / My Platy House

-Sabagebu! Episode #05: Ascension?! Silent Survival / The Unkillable Twin Tail / Crusade—Ragnarok of Angels and Demons
-Sabagebu! Episode #06: Revenge of Isurugi Yayoi, Student Council President! / Disgustingly Immoral Battle

Fansubs Update

-Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #01: USAGI - SAILOR MOON
-Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #02: AMI - SAILOR MERCURY

-Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #03: REI - SAILOR MARS
-Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #04: Dance Party -Masquerade

-Space Dandy 2 Episode #04: The Transfer Student is Dandy, Baby
-Ace Of Diamonds Episode #44: Best Pitch

-Ace Of Diamonds Episode #45: Fantasy
-Ace Of Diamonds Episode #46: Pitching of Despair

-Akame Ga Kill Episode #07: Kill The Three Part 1
-Akame Ga Kill Episode #08: Kill The Three Part 2

-Akame Ga Kill Episode #09: Kill The Battle Fanatic
-Baby Steps Episode #20: Meat Buns and Yakisoba

-Baby Steps Episode #21: Consistency and Change
-Baby Steps Episode #22: Fundamentals are the Weakness

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