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Series Update and New Series Added!

Want to know what media was recently added on Anime Crave? Well all that information will be posted here.

Series Update and New Series Added!

Postby Stephanie » August 14th, 2014, 4:12 pm

Hey AC Members,
Alright AC Fans we have managed to update the site with more episodes of Little Busters Finally and we have managed to add a few new series Haganai Next, From The New World and we have completed the series No.6. Show your support to the company's that make these DVDs possible and but the region 1 DVDS. Enjoy these updates and as always more to come. :)

Update as Follows:

Bassams Update

-No.6 Episode #09: Stage of Disaster
-No.6 Episode #10: What Lies in the Abyss

-No.6 Episode #11: Tell Me The Truth

Stephanies Update

-Haganai Next Episode #01: My Teen Years SNAFU
-Haganai Next Episode #02: Homo Game Club

-Haganai Next Episode #03: My Little Sisters Are This Cute
-Haganai Next Episode #04: A Man Is Among Them!

Bassams Update

-From The New World Episode #01: The Season Of New Leaves
-From The New World Episode #02: The Vanishing Children

-From The New World Episode #03: The False Minoshiro
-From The New World Episode #04: Bloody History

Stephanies Update

-Haganai Next Episode #05: That Kind of Play Is Not Allowed..and..My Worldview Is Disturbed When You Are Around
-Haganai Next Episode #06: Unbreakable Strange-Girl

-Haganai Next Episode #07: He's My Brother, But As Long As There's Love,It Doesn't Matter If He Gets More Sisters, Right?
-Haganai Next Episode #08: My Childhood Friend Is To Much of a Battleground

Bassams Update

-From The New World Episode #05: Pursuit on a Hot Night
-From The New World Episode #06: Escape

-From The New World Episode #07: Summer Darkness
-From The New World Episode #08: Omen

Stephanies Update

-Haganai Next Episode #09: Stray Cats Overheat

Bassams Update

-From The New World Episode #09: The Rising Wind
-From The New World Episode #10: More Than Darkness

-From The New World Episode #11: Distant Thunder in Winter
-From The New World Episode #12: The Weak Link

Stephanies Update

-Little Busters Episode #14: So I'll Reach Out For Your Hand
-Little Busters Episode #15: Hell Yeah, This Totally Rocks

-Little Busters Episode #16: Don't Look At Me Like That

Bassams Update

-From The New World Episode #13: Reunion

Stephanies Update

-Little Busters Episode #17: I Wanted Someone to Stay By My Side
-Little Busters Episode #18: The Answer is in Your Heart

-Little Busters Episode #19: I Can Definitely Always Work Hard
-Little Busters Episode #20: Ease Lovesickness

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