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Anime Crave •View topic - Update for 3/19/2014-3/23/2014 Enjoy!!!

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Update for 3/19/2014-3/23/2014 Enjoy!!!

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Update for 3/19/2014-3/23/2014 Enjoy!!!

Postby Stephanie » March 29th, 2014, 2:44 pm

Hey AC Memebers,
Here are a few updates for you guys to enjoy!!!

Updates as Follows:

Bassams Update

-Fairy Tail Episode #93: I'm Standing Right Here
-Fairy Tail Episode #94: Bye-Bye Edolas

-Fairy Tail Episode #95: Lisanna
-Fairy Tail Episode #96: He Who Extinguishes Life

Stephanies Update

-Dream Eater Merry Episode #01: Dream Reality
-Dream Eater Merry Episode #02: Dreams and Hopes

-Dream Eater Merry Episode #03: From Beyond the Dream
-Dream Eater Merry Episode #04: Dream Eater Merry

Bassams Update

-Blood C Episode #01: O Ye Winds of Heaven
-Blood C Episode #02: It Is for Thy Sake

-Blood C Episode #03: As for Man...
-Blood C Episode #04: That has Made Me Sad

Stephanies Update

-Jormungand Episode #13: The Snake Admires the Heavens
-Jormungand Episode #14: Dance with Undershaft Phase 1

-Jormungand Episode #15: Dance With Undershaft Phase 2
-Jormungand Episode #16: Kasper and Jonah

Bassams Update

-Blood C Episode #05: Meeting in the Way
-Blood C Episode #06: Dashed by Fierce Winds

-Blood C Episode #07: As Pitiless as the Storm
-Blood C Episode #08: Within the World

Stephanies Update

-Dream Eater Merry Episode #05: Astray in a Dream
-Dream Eater Merry Episode #06: Dream Encounter

-Dream Eater Merry Episode #07: Dreams, Swimsuits and the Color of the Sea
-Dream Eater Merry Episode #08: Dream Corridor

Bassams Update

-Blood C Episode #09: Against my Wish
-Blood C Episode #10: Since Tis by Its Breath

-Blood c Episode #11: Whom Then are There Now
-Blood C Episode #12: For Some Men I Grieve

Stephanies Update

-Jormungand Episode #17: Castle of Lies Phase 1
-Jormungand Episode #18: Castle of Lies Phase 2

-Jormungand Episode #19: Pazuzu
-Jormungand Episode #20: New World Phase 1

Bassams Update

-Ponyo Movie

Stephanies Update

-Dream Eater Merry Episode #09: Disturbed Dreams
-Dream Eater Merry Episode #10: Not Waking from a Dream

-Dream Eater Merry Episode #11: Protectors of Dreams
-Dream Eater Merry Episode #12: Nightmare

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