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Paid for Live, and I can't watch anything >:(

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Re: Paid for Live, and I can't watch anything >:(

Postby Colony08 » March 3rd, 2018, 1:52 am

Eh, I had to rewrite this message because I accidentally back spaced it all, anyway I was saying how I been telling people anime crave through this anonymous app that I have been using on and off since 2015 and within the app you can join groups about random topics and I joined a group called Anime Lovers where you discuss all things anime related, like cosplay, manga and of course anime, and speaking of anime, did I tell you that I am going to be purhasing the egg of the king off eBay, it's from the anime berserk it's the crimson behelit that griffith wears around his neck it's red, they have different designs of it, I'm either getting the one with the eyes closed or eyes open, not sure which one yet, but I was looking at the eyes closed first so I might just that one I have been wanting to for years since 2012 and I finally found one with a really cheap price less than $20 it's going to look awesome I showed my grandma and she said it was ugly but she doesn't understand what is so I explained it to her the best way I can, I asked her if she knew what cartoons were and she said yes I was like it's definitely not like that and its japanese but different though I don't think she was paying attention because she was reading, but anyway its going to be epic it's going to take two weeks too arrive from the day I buy it but if it doesn't cost too much I might pay for faster shipping but when I buy something off eBay it gives me something to look forward too so I like paitently wait for it to arrive in the mail.. :oops:
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Re: Paid for Live, and I can't watch anything >:(

Postby Bassam » March 6th, 2018, 12:46 pm

Always good to have things to stare at from your favorite anime! Always appreciate you supporting Anime Crave through AC Live and for spreading the word :please
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