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Cowboy Bebop

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2006, 4:11 pm
by mywish
Will Cowboy Bebop ever be added to AC?

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2006, 4:17 pm
by Curt
Not in the very near future, but im sure it will be an addition to AC soon enough.

Cowboy Bebop is not only the title of one of the most stylish anime series, but also the name of the bounty hunter spaceship that the motley crew of this show call home. Bebop is set in the relatively distant future, in a time when bounty hunters zip through the solar system hunting their criminal prey. It tells the story of a team of misfits that are thrown together by fate or coincidental necessity – take your pick – and who only seem to have two things in common: They want to escape their troubled past and they want to make lots of money! And so the Cowboy Bebop finds itself carrying this strange bounty hunter team consisting of the captain Jet Black, a tough ex-cop, Spike Spiegel, a headstrong ex-yakuza, Faye Valentine, a sexy femme fatale, Edward, a hyper-active child and Ein, a super intelligent canine.

Most of the 26 episodes are about individual bounty cases, but there are several that deal with the backgrounds of the characters, usually when something from their past catches up to them. One of the most notable aspects of the Cowboy Bebop series is the thoughtfulness and quality storytelling that goes into each individual episode. They really feel like mini-movies and are thought provoking, exciting and cleverly directed. However, it must be said that the overall series story is quite undefined and that there is little narrative momentum from one episode to the next. The main viewing drive comes from seeing what mischief the crew lands themselves into next and to gain small glimpses into the complex past of the characters on board.

This title is an excellent introduction to anime for an uninitiated western audience thanks to its clear influence from European and American cinema, which arguably makes it culturally more accessible than many other anime titles. The series showcases an exceptionally hip soundtrack of jazz and other styles as well. In fact, the sense of cool permeates every scene and is very much in the vein of French cinema from the early sixties. It shapes nearly all aspects of the series and not only sets a fresh, vibrant style for the show, but also inspires the film-noir character design of the main residents of the spaceship Bebop. They have interesting, well-developed personalities and are likeable, memorable characters with entertaining streaks of immorality. There is of course also a heavy influence from great science fiction literature, again especially from the sixties that can be seen in the beautifully rendered environments and as a matter of fact in the concept of the show as a whole. The Bebop universe is meticulously realised – there is an abundance of amazing urban life shots and space scenes – and this careful attention to detail provides the series with the background substance that is needed for this kind of futuristic science fiction setting. This blend of styles produces an artistic cocktail that makes Cowboy Bebop one of the most fascinating and unique series and it is definitely an anime that should not be missed.

Overall, Cowboy Bebop is a triumph in every way possible, and may represent the peak of anime without having to resort to silly plots that get broiled down in technobabble, religion, philosophy and other such airy matters, instead relying on character motivations to carry the plot and presenting a realistic, gritty future with a serious story and serious, flawed characters existing in a bleak world.


Verdict:9.0/10(Add an additional point if you seriously love Sci-Fi among the vastness of space, and a futuristic world(Worlds?). It is the best of its genre.

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2006, 4:28 pm
by Bassam
Actually it will be added very soon.

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2006, 5:19 pm
by mywish
amazing! thanks bassam :)

LMAO Curt, you and your reviews. =] Cowboy Bebop is definately an awesome anime. ahah can't wait to read your review

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2006, 5:21 pm
by Curt
Bassam wrote:Actually it will be added very soon.

Will it really? Havn't heard you or Jenna even mention it.

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2006, 5:37 pm
by nsk1982
Cool. I can't wait to see the series again. I think it is one of those anime series which no matter how many times you see, you can never get enough. Truly in a class of its own.

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2006, 5:47 pm
by Bassam
I'm pretty sure I mentioned it on other topics before.

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2006, 5:49 pm
by Curt
Bassam wrote:I'm pretty sure I mentioned it on other topics before.

True, but you mentioned like 30anime with it... But its been a long while since i've heard any news of it.

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2006, 6:38 pm
by Bassam

PostPosted: September 24th, 2006, 4:36 pm
by mattimeo615

YAY and YAY again!

Thanks AC!

PostPosted: September 24th, 2006, 11:09 pm
by Bassam
Your welcome!

PostPosted: September 26th, 2006, 1:41 pm
by Sahar

PostPosted: October 1st, 2006, 1:56 pm
by Susu06
Thanks for adding it :D
now i can watch it again, and i can watch the first episode that i didn't watch.

PostPosted: October 1st, 2006, 8:11 pm
by Sahar
Yeah the first episode is about all I've seen of it, thanks to Susu here who SPOILED everything for me..again.. so I'm trying to forget everything she forced me to hear and then I'll go continue watching it, hopefully soon =P